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Scandal. Scott. Well, we're going to revisit Howard Stern's life Howard Stern has a new book. That's coming out called Howard Stern comes again. It's a curated collection of edited transcripts from his favorite interviews that he's done since he first started out rented Billy Joel to Donald Trump to everyone else in between. But we're going to go back and discover how he got to where he is the king of all media C do so a couple years ago. He took a day off work, and you would have thought the sky was falling down because he is always known to always go to work. No matter what. Right. And if he is off of work, you would know that he was because he was just taking a vacation. Right. And he let you know. Yep. And so this is may tenth nineteen twenty seventeen Shipley. Needed to take a day off because what was happening that. No one knew about is. He was. Going to go to a doctor to get a biopsy on a growth that was on his kidney. And what he knew at the time is that it was ninety percent cancerous. That was a chance at new. So he was freaking out. He went to the thing. He couldn't believe about how everyone else was freaking out around him. And he thought he was going to die. He was scared to death. Yeah. His through the whole thing. Couple hours later seven citizens. He came out of surgery to learn adjust scare a tiny harmless cysts in the twenty four months since that time his found himself wondering if he's done it all on trying to figure out you know, how we started. If it was wrong. How home I rela Vigne? What have I done? People have always asked them to write new books private parts first book and ninety three sold like that percents Schuster. And there's a movie Miss America ninety five said like that. And he said that he can't read his first two bestselling books. Those two that I just mentioned without cringing as own narcissism. And he insists nearly everyone of the interviews. He conducted during his pre satellite radio days makes them sick. So as caused him to really question his whole existence. Mortality do any kind of changed at any just said cancer his brush with cancer was why agreed to write his first book into decades? Howard Stern comes again, which is coming out. Doney think you can find the date and. There's more in the book about his health scare along with musing on fame sex and spirituality. It's as much of an autobiography conversation as it is a tour through pop culture over the past twenty years. He of course, made history when he was offered fifty million dollars to go to Sirius XM, which didn't have any any people subscribing to it at the time in the mid nineties. Two thousand. Yeah. So he said after all this. He was in a place where really needed to figure out what was going on. And maybe he knows his contract is coming up at the end of twenty twenty. He currently makes ninety million dollars of year nine. Wait ninety million dollars a year. And he's at a place where he's trying to figure out if I should do more painting if I should do more of this as you helped best more with our cat rescue projects. But you know, just kind of thinking back. What should I be doing? Yes. So here's a little bit of history for him early on in his career. He was a dirty. He did dirty puppet shows for his pals and impression parents, you know, as you do. Radio dad would offer feedback. Not exactly courage -ment, Emma, just say stop you're going onto long make it interesting. And by the time, he hit puberty his Long Island community had transformed from predominantly white to predominantly black. He recalls the arrival of the black families it prompted his so-called. We've heard this in several members lately liberal neighbors to flee in the middle of the night. I think Michelle Obama described her neighborhood that this happened as well in Chicago, all these Picchi phonies. He said who will go to services and say all people same guides is were lying his parents along with certain older. Sister would stay put by his freshman year of high school. He was only one of a handful white kids left in class a defacto outsider who frequently found himself on the receiving end of someone's fist. He eventually the stern family relocated to a nearby white neighborhood by then Howard was woefully behind them. And a complete disaster socially. He said he was trying to ties, but he got into Boston University and found an outlet on a campus radio station and later a series of gigs that took him from Hartford Detroit in the early days. He would you know, just find the silliest pranks to do on the air when he landed in DC they paired him with Robin quivers, we eight through series of outrageous antics sealed his shock back. Reputation, and this is a prank that I just can't believe he did. But I'm gonna tell you about it. It said no prank received much attention is pulled the morning after an air Florida flight crashed in the Potomac river killing seventy middle of winter he famously pretended to dial up the airline while enquiring about the price of a one way ticket to the fourteenth street bridge. Those were fide. We're highly news from there. He moved to New York to the most coveted of markets where he shared his format with his predecessor, Don Imus. Yeah. And if we weren't so bad, we'd be good. So by nineteen eighty six his show was syndicated. And they gave him more audience. Go bigger and bigger at one point at its peak. Twenty million people listening weekly. Wow. A few pricey homes, Manhattan, Hamptons, Florida borderline. He's a borderline re clues and has never been known as a big spender with lavish tastes and he has debilitating obsession to winning. He was that with money, but with content at one point, you know, he won and four cars on Long Island was listening to show. Any didn't understand what the other three were doing? Why weren't they listening to? Yeah. Well, he wanted to be the king of all media and his interviewing technique was like bashing someone in the face with the sledgehammer. I like the joker. And I wanted to all I wanna do is cause chaos. He s killed the Radnor gene wilder was well endowed by having her out of the studio he spent the ball of his time with Carly Simon just telling her how hot she was. He had multiple warnings. Not to ask George Markle about George Michael about such -ality immediately. There were plenty more from Eminem to welfare who appeared once and will never appear again on his show. What stern lacked was the humility to be a fan of anybody? But himself I lashed out at anyone in everyone who's career was prospering. I thought I should be center of the universe. Whenever it seemed like someone else was I couldn't accept it. David Letterman blasted him. Jerry seinfeld. Him to Rosie O'Donnell. Forget it and his at one point. He was special Mosey Donald so much that his fans were going to our house and threatening her son. Oh, man. They're now friends the bet in the nineties he interviewed Robin Williams in it still ranks among his biggest regrets. In part. It's because it's too late to apologize. But he said I loved Robin Williams. But there I am beating him over the head with. Hey, like, hey, I hear you bleep in your nanny, I could have had a great conversation with them. But I'm playing to the audience instead they wanna hear -rageous. And that's my arrogance thinking that Robin Williams can't entertain my audience. How stupid am I the in the end he found himself stuck in an arms race with himself constantly reaching for new levels of outright. Yeah. Shot. Once you get with being shock jock advance your brand. And you think that's what people wanna hear if you're obsessed like that of busting yourself. Right. We're gonna take a quick break. We're gonna come back to it. 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