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Yeah. We couldn't wait to get you back. Pitcher pitching ahead. Carry my phone is jet magazine. My graduate from USC. Now, see this is from this. I wanna see that. The Michael Thompson picture. It's remember coming to America. Yes. And so the the beauty contest. Essentially that was jet magazine. Okay. All right says from jet magazine. Let me think there you go. This is my US. Picture jets, like Nelson, Mandela graduated college. All right HR is because the largest society wouldn't allow us to be celebrating as beautiful along with the rest of society. So we had to create our own magazine, you heard of any magazine. Yeah. A lot of the butyl. I knew I knew the jet magazine was a magazine for African Americans. But I did for all for everybody. See? A centerfold featured wishes passe rhetoric. Advertisement. Guess black folk when they smoke cigarettes was Virginia slim Newport. Yeah. We do Newport's Jerusalem. We didn't have you know, no-ball caregiver. Marble and camel didn't make it in. Advertising. Ads. The Rams travel educated. Speaking of beautiful black people saw McVeigh. Is that a smooth transition? The day the bit of the sale of bitch, man. It's all good. Hornberger Los Angeles on the sunset strip brings us a bit of the day every morning to wrap up visit Hornberger loss Angeles dot com and Rover provin beyond so travels. When you go home, do you say Hon today, I learned about magazines from? I don't think I put a quite like that.

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