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Sir hey shane top here and i'm going to be hosting this very special. Episode of the smash cast it is disney so random reunion with my former casts meets matthew scott montgomery else nationally arm and of course damian hawes. It is pure chaos enjoy. Can we talk about the use of money on the show instead of just putting a pig nose on someone in letting them do sketch comedy. It was a ten thousand dollar mascot costume anthropomorphic perfect pig that we bought. I remember some kids once talking to me and they're like they're like oh. You're on the disney show mike and they're like are you like a millionaire and i'm like oh so kevin. Lorraine was doing my makeup poking all up in my and my is starting to get red. I show up to work the next day and they're like oh you've pinkai and they sent me home from like the dance routine part. I i was devastated. They were business advisers and i remember one time. They asked me they asked me to lunch or some sort of meaning or something and they were telling me to invest in gold the fifteen year old girl you need to invest in gu. How can we put them in. The blue suits again. How can we see their dick. Imprint again fun disney <hes>. She got a comfortable place for their preferred elsewhere. I maybe we'll turn it a little bit more so it doesn't look comfortable so comfortably hello and welcome to a very special smash cast. It is the so random random reunion cast party. Get down my gosh i think he and i'm joined by my former classmates nationally arm matthew scott montgomery and of course damian ha's that's me guys how're you doing. We're just your former cast mates. That says how good yeah great edible being yeah well. We like to keep it at arm's distance so let's stick with former cast excel. I know ashani came from true scripts misspelling then we're just like let's run with this for eight years. It was always sean. Yeah we were talking about. It was only eight months that we were all together but literally seemed like two years yeah yeah not in a bad way just seemed like two years. It's my life is kinda like measured by before so random and after so <hes> mhm for those of you listening who don't know so random was a disney show it was sunny with a chance and then third season the main <hes> actress demi levato left than they did a fourth season and they turned into a sketch show we just two seasons and we were all locked down actually got picked up for season three and then it got announced announced that she was leaving and we're all like we're gonna go ahead and do so random. There wasn't season for that was it it was is done by the same people who produced all that so it was definitely like all of our time just for context if people have seen the show but aren't quite remembering what we're characters that were known for yeah well. I had janice. It was too yes janice. I mean we all had a bunch of really weird. Characters janice was like just a very nasal e version of myself that whole time was a blur playing yes yea. We were all like playing versions of our well. She's our selves but you guys had your real names. I was still it was shane zabloski damian johann bailey bailey yeah. I remember that i describe it to people for at least three or so random is that it was like s._n._l. For disney channel because we like we opened the episode like kind of as ourselves slash well the three of us kind of like heightened version of ourselves you and then we.

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