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Orleans. Scott brooks out as the wizards head coach for game five tonight and we don't know how long chris paul will be out if he will be out with the western conference finals. Maybe it's easier to say who's in instead of who's out. Yes seton o'connor you have a question for me. Well we were talking about Maybe there's like a guest ratio to limerick ratio. Okay so like if fritzy has one guestbook he. He's capped it one limerick but he had three guests today. Not when the show started we. Also the cutoff is when the show star nine. Am eastern okay. Well he he got chris mannix and then jon wertheim and then i told him to call nick right right. I'm open to the idea though that if todd books guests during the show then he can addle american. Okay So what's the policy which limerick policy for ties. I like tomorrow. How many women would we have. Well i use. I like to read what he's saying his limor missing. You're not picking up. I would see saying guess for tomorrow. I know that okay. That's that was the whole idea by what he said. And that was the only. It's a shot and i'm not taking a shot at you to decides what say you were picking up on no guests hip. I moved right past. Though you're a little more mature than the rest of us so he could not have to work on any limerick study. he could work again. Limerick pressure Cannon wyoming joins us on the program. Hi ken pay. Tv first time Trucking across wyoming today with my faithful beagle lily We got two thousand one hundred ninety eight cases of beer at forty five thousand pounds. Nice hey i just want to tell you guys. I appreciate you all you help. Fill some time three hours a day while i'm trapped in my truck. I'm here for at all bad. Limericks bad against the grains bad whatever seat needs to pick up with his bad content game a little bit i think but I'm here for it all. keep it coming. I appreciate you guys all right. Well thank you can and good luck with your Your beagle they're driving with beer. I like hell. We almost get compliments on this show. I.

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