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Year in review erase BBC news correspondent Alex still twenty nineteen was almost hard to believe you're in politics without the year to calm me is likely to be even bigger even more mind blowing between what's going on with the president and the upcoming election continuing our partners at five thirty eight left off a few minutes ago I turned out of my colleagues here in the touristy an ABC news deputy political director Mary Alice parks here with our friends from five thirty eight again Galen broken Clare Malone to break down what we expect you in twenty twenty when we last left impeachment the American public was evenly split gearing up for a Senate trial and an all but certain acquittal for president trump where is the public stand on this whole question it's an interesting period of public opinion because I think a slim majority of Americans thinks that there was you know there's wrongdoing you know you go back to earlier impeachment polls and there was a lot of there's a does not support for opening an impeachment inquiry though not necessarily in teaching and removing trump from office voters this particular in an election year take the idea of Peter very seriously and I do think they are conflicted morally ethically however you want to say it politically about the virtues of removing a president from office of the or the virtues of having this essentially whole saga play out but is so so it's kind of a I think we're seeing a lot of mixed feelings from the American public about a pretty big undertaking in part because you know wild it was a couple decades ago the Clinton impeachment I think to loom large over over people's memories and that was in many ways the beginning of a real sort of hard core partisanship in American political life and that hard core partisanship Galen is really reflected in the numbers that we had seen toward the end of the year about how the public feels about impeachment yes so when it comes to impeaching and removing the president and the kind of the removing part is the part that we're focusing on now there is still slightly more support for removal than not you know roughly two points although it's been basically steady since the beginning.

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