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I've already been hacked my yeah I'm just a very laws laze fare kind of person you know and if you're living in a fraternity house you're probably not a good idea and so you grew up and I interviewed Teddy Mellencamp and so you guys knew each other like post high school or how did you know each other. Oh in high school. Were you friendly are you. Is there a much. Isn't it kind of funny that you're both on Bravo. Yeah I mean. I don't watch sorry that's okay. I don't watch really any not on the show Oh and the other show I don't know anyway. We'll take you know time could sit. Yes yes yes so you're not up with at the housewives. Oh I don't know what's going on with banner. Pump rules that you mean Jackson Britney to their wedding finish about Teddy Cheddi I mean she was <hes> she her mom had this Great House and her dad but they were for the longest time it seems like they were always split but he would come into town and he always went to play volleyball or sorry beach football so she would call all her guy friends and we go over here. We didn't know really I mean we were like thirteen. We're like Oh. He's a Rockstar but like right in register that that was like level yeah yeah yeah and <hes> but the house was a cool house and there it was a lot of fun I mean they had a trampoline. They had a pool though you could like jump off this like like waterfall into the pool which when you're thirteen is like the best thing ever yeah and they had a pet monkey and all this shit and and we'd go over there a lot and she was great and she was always funny. Always sarcastic always sort of had a nice wit tour so at all her her friends were are all my friends and there was always you know girls and guys and make out sessions and things like that so it was pretty the ideal Eric I mean we'd ride our bikes around yeah what what fun. I finally remember those times. Thank you Teddy for your hospital very nice and so you we'll get friendly with Jack's Jacks and we watch what happens live. I we met somewhere else somewhere in New York I I think I was with the guys from Summer House and we got like a table somewhere and had a big funny night and then we did watch what happens live together and he was so he showed up I was with one of my best buds and my agent and this restaurant and in New York and Jack sat down at the table and talk to the entire time by by the way funny stories just like didn't take a breath I mean the whole and I was like boy. Got My work. Cut Out for me and watch what happens tonight. Like Jackson's ax is on fire yeah and by the way my friends thought my friend Asian thought he was amazingly charismatic too intense chance well yeah I mean he's Craig can talk and talk and talk to Jackson got like higher energy a little and like the stories are a little juicier for a little bit and C._l._A.. Jackson's deadly tell you stories rows like I'm not sure you should be telling us this. It's awesome though I love people over share over share all the time yeah so and then that night we do watch what happens live to this day well well. I did watch what happens with Adam. Devine <hes> and Hugh is in this new show righteous gemstones Charleston so I know Danny McBride and those guys I had met Adam before so we we had a great time and watch what happens live and I was like that was that was really good good. Andy and Andy Goes Union Jacks for the top of the heap. I was like yeah good yeah so you go to the wedding or you're at the most infamous table from the wedding. I can't believe I got put it that table Jiechi..

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