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Experience to mobile users. Which mobile has been something. Google has been beating us up on since two thousand fourteen. So you know it's spend long enough right seven years and now when we go to our website and we're on our mobile device if a if the users about to click on something after the they navigate to the site and all sudden it moves. It's like a great now. I gotta figure out where i was and figure out what to click and and then there was this thing you mention the the content full paint. You wanna paint. You wanna be under two point. Five seconds You necessarily need to hit all. What does that mean though largest zana word that they came up with consciously. Does that yours. Yeah it's a good thing right. I've never heard that until they. They mentioned this. Page experience page insights. I personally love dot Measure because it gives you a lighthouse gives you that whole page of breakdown and it gives you the best practices you know. You got two big gaps in here. My favorite wanted says you're seo's one hundred or something on your page like not no no. It's not it has h one going in you have content blewett but completely irrelevant to the topic on page. That's internal linking inbound linking and relevancy and time and yeah click through rates and all sorts of stuff that play a role in seo. You're right that is a little bit misleading that they put a score in this radio but but any the premise of it is that the overall largest part of your site loads in a certain amount of time. And you know you get your initial. And he gets it. Prince progressively on that time line. You can see over and images of your mobile experience as it loads up and you know using some of these plugging the assume that they're better and if we check mark everything it's automatically Low faster when in fact. That's not necessarily look was the case sometimes. The best fix is literally just switching out your theme and it's funny know there's over the years let's say the last decade they'll be all these comparisons the fastest premiums themes they're getting paid. We know their affiliates. The fastest one is a raw textile straight up. No images known thing so it's fault. Wordpress theme is actually remarkably fast. And if i was a business owner ahead zero budget. That's enough strokes amid messages talking about.

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