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Only is some portion is that why you love Nascar though? No, I mean when I was younger, you watch for the crashes or you want Zander I wanted to see crash now actually like if I watch it, I actually like that the racing part of it I. Gotcha. So, this is supposed to they're supposed to do it on Saturday now. Yeah. So it's called the Crew Dragon Demo to it was intended to launch on May twenty seventh twenty twenty from Kennedy. Space Center launch was scrubbed due to unfavourable weather conditions. NASA and SPACEX are testing a backup launch window on Saturday may thirtieth twenty twenty. Those fucking targeting there was there was a tornado and that's the name that Ian must change his son's name to. What he did crew Dragon Demo Right. Yes class. Yeah this is actually This will be the first manned space x watch this as. The first crew dragon flake grew yeah I. is the the Crew Dragon, the name of the ship because they might have gone off on other rockets. Accents. Giving right here. Is. This they've absolutely to in my. I swear they've taken people to the space station. Haven't I. Don't know I thought that was they were all like shooting out of the Ukraine or something. Yeah but I. I don't know I'd have to look more into it. yes. So these guys that are going up Douglas Hurley and Robert Benjamin. Backup Kerr. They do one gets fucking Roberts going to get the poops. Space. I'm trying to think there was a backup crew on that ended up. I WANNA. See flying one of the What we're all the moon missions the Apollo missions. I think one of the backup crews and of doing it because one of the main crews got in and didn't burnt alive or some shit. Yep that sounds about right. I don't think Tom Hanks is in that movie. Was it a movie yeah. What movie? Whatever apology Oh, we've never been Bloomberg. Flatter Without Standing Kubrick, listen I'm trying to eight listen I know what might flatter society people don't don't listen podcast but I gotta keep my cover. Okay. He's trolling her I want to summarize. Your flatter trolling yes. He's trolling the flat earth. Movement, he's the opposite of that. He's he's Flat of their trolling strong I'm here and I'm I'm part of a fifteen thousand persons drunk flutter for grew fury's. But I had to read a paragraph. I wanted to be a part of it. I was writing saying, this is the. First Manned. Space out of lower, throw it since. Space Shuttle Program ended in this this dude that's going up Douglas early I he was on sds one, thirty five, which was the last space shuttle Flight Pretty handsome man it is weird that it's a private thing out of government sending So to government government funded bill. Okay. Yeah. But. spacex no profitability outside of private contracts or government funding. Yeah. But when you say NASA you don't think of Fuckin- Eline mosque right? That's pretty awesome. Right but they spacex bid. So the way I believe works is NASA goes cool. We got a contractor we're doing this thing right other sending people the Space Station and we're sending people outside over going to the Moon We're GONNA take bids and space x bids and blue origin bids and you. La Bids and they take whoever? Didn't Lance. Bass. Tried to go to space couple of years ago. Fifteen years ago I think he's just trying to get that people magazine. Taken on facebook marketplace. Also. Signed I have no I have no idea. I think that's just a random person trying to sell that one. Yeah. Yeah it's amazing. Would you ask her out of space one hundred percent now wouldn't either us another is a service. Know what when you die you wouldn't go to space. Would you dive miles in the ocean? Absolutely if I knew I live well. Yeah. That's just it if. Guaranteed to my safety. Yeah. It's a video game I just like start over right right? Yes. There's certain risk that I'm willing to take so. WHERE DO I. Do I respond. Yeah. That's a serious question. You'd be like you do that one thing we do like a shitty save point. Yeah. You keep responding before guy. Going to start the whole fucking game over live therapy, right? Yeah. I definitely would have space unless it was like, Hey, I'm not going to be the first person to go to space. You know what I mean like. You mean by that. So when they first put somebody in space, that's like such a like right now, it's a lot less risky than it was. What was the what was the name of the chimp that went the space? Was All bubbles was it bubbles I don't remember is I know what you're talking about don't know there's a dog that with the space deal. You know what I mean like the the risk of the first person that flew like a commercial airplane I. Think Bubbles was Michael Jackson's. Blanket oh no no blanket was his kid. He now I fucking now I D say so serious. mind. That it was sort of South Park with Michael. Jackson. Is very good. The cartoon ignorant. Ignorant blanket gross. Now, looking up a bunch of old space missions and shit. WanNa see if I'm right or wrong in the whole backup crew. There is a an astronaut that was on the the first moon mission that was Michigan anything which astronaut was that. Neil Armstrong. Buzz Aldrin. Together to that video buzz Aldrin punched in the face I think it was a flatter. It was who said he was like A hoaxer guy you know. Or was it buzz Aldrin or is it? One of the two but he definitely punch him in the face because he said he didn't go to the. Moon. As kind of like. The kind that. Attack and harass Oldman no man, the guy, the astronauts punch people. Okay. Listen. I. Give you part of the flatter society and not believe that the earth is round. Come again. Now, believe, the earth is a bottle. We looking up here guys. Let me was Apollo one. All right. Okay. Alfred listeners don't care yet. Don't. Like. The ten minutes and find out if there was a backup crew. Thing that we talked about ways uphill. I'm sorry. I. Don't give a fuck. They're always Mexico's Michigan. Hate listeners sorry. This I'm ready I'm being selfish tonight I'm I was trying to acquire some more knowledge. Welcome everybody. This is the good pies don't have. We're going to ask you some questions about this. You'd better know your shit. Yeah for sure tune. In what year did Apollo one go to the week to the Apollo. Of the politics. Policy we we do all all space all night all the way until July fourth. The Apollo, sessions. Yeah. Holy Mother Fucker Oh. There's were they burned up. guessing they no open casket for these guys. Have you guys ever seen the recent movie with What's his face? The good looking guy clue crews now fuck clooney. Nick Age? It's about Neil, Armstrong? Oh Mandy Ryan, gosling. What's that called though Apol-. No, it was just a simple simple title. Isn't it? Yeah. It didn't.

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