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Thing that could happen to be your enemy that people fighting you in your own country successfully with the help of the US they are now your allies and they're inviting you in to the rebel held territory and got it for free he didn't have to negotiate with the Kurtz negotiate with Washington he didn't have to make any concessions doc support for this podcast and the following message come from Uber Uber is committed to safety and to continuously raising the bar to help make safer journeys for everyone for starters all drivers are background checked before the first ride and screened on an ongoing basis and now uber has introduced a brand new safety feature called ride check which can detect if a trip goes unusually off course and check in to provide support to learn more we're about Uber's commitment to safety visit Uber Dot com slash safety okay so this one David you have ticked through three predictions involving three our greatest adversaries in the world and how they are benefiting from this decision by the president but you haven't brought up what maybe our greatest adversary in its impact on them which is Isis and the whole reason we were in Syria in the first place was to try to contain isis that's right and the prediction was if the United States pulled back we would re-empower Isis and give them another shot at survival and we have reports that hundreds of Isis prisoners are escaping as militias backed by Turkey push deeper into Syria looks like what's happening three isn't holding thousands of Isis members have come under attack in the last twenty four hours there were thousands of Isis fighters who were being kept in camps in this kurdish-controlled area of Syria and as the Kurds have spent their time fighting Turkey suddenly they don't have the time to go focus on keeping Isis contained in these camps we visited a prison packed with five thousand isis detainees Gordon told me if the guards need to leave and fight they'll just lock the cells and go either there was one case where there was a camp that had thousand as a family members of Isis fighters women children and about five hundred of them just walked away walked out of the camp earlier this week and that's basically because the Kurds under attack by Turkey just didn't have the bandwidth to guardless they had more important priorities so the reality ideas that the prediction has largely come true that Isis members are either out or on their way out or have a good prospect of getting out and that they have their best chance in a long time to go retake some territory or at least reestablished as their power and a base from which they could begin to plan attacks again on the West David of all the predictions and outcomes that you have talked about so far this one seems the hardest to comprehend because so what understandable that the US might not have a plan to deal with great powers like Russia and Iran and Syria and how they might be empowered by what president trump just did in northern Syria but when it comes to just making sure that a few prisons that whole uh-huh Group of people who are devoted to the destruction of the United States and Americans you would just have to think that the there's a plan to make sure that prisons keep people in prison I mean what you're talking about two different kinds of planning planning it contained Russia and divert or contain Iran that's grand strategy holding on to prisoners that's basic tactics and what's astounding about this particular presidential decision this action by President John is that it actually revealed that were bad at the strategy and were worst the tactics that we didn't have a plan B to go handle will these prisoners if we turned our backs on the Kurds who were acting essentially as the jail wardens here and of course not to take away your predictions here David but perhaps the most foreseeable prediction slash outcome was that this was going to be bad for the what's bad for the people occupying this part of northeastern Syria that president trump more or less invited Turkey to invest but I wonder just how bad has it actually been just how accurate was that prediction will hear the prediction was off because it turned out to be much worse than we there would be some troops on the ground but they wouldn't really go in that far and they wouldn't really engage it would be about flexing muscles more than really taking territory but it turned out that once the forces moved in it uncorked all of the worst demons that have been sitting around in this region struck by Turkish asteroid eleven killed moving seventy wounded talk long this video today appears to show Arab militias executing occurred by the roadside as they shout allow walk bar and proudly saying filming filming you see in horrible scenes of rape include being of a prominent politicians one leading Kurdish political leader apparently drag from a car and shot in the head you've seen stonings happening you've seen houses being burned this is a full primary verified you've seen people with I'm trying to flee nearly seventy thousand children have been displaced since hostilities in northeast Syria escalated nearly a week ago and they've got no go I'm so tired I left the house a week ago where should I go now and so the prediction was this he really bad for the Kurds but what it turned into it was carnage for the Kurtz.

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