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The nineteen fifties. Rebel without a cause or something like that. So DC's a piece called SUPERNOVA. Describing a Supernova and yes, you are very right that what happened is that in the twentieth century, the music also had great new repertoire sex to the movies and what the movie do is try to describe and help the mood yet was fair the different scenarios and characters and therefore ads the same kind of value used as the French creek that describing when I spoke about the south one of their use. It was in a way psychedelic movie before movie was invented, it was Hollywood before here what he and so you're very right that a lot of moving music could be qualified as impressionistic or slightly Frenchtown times and this. Job. has this this kind of visual quality and he wrote many many great pc's I've recorded already for CD of is really can vary if I miss that myself I'm so enthusiastic and passionate about this week I please encourage people to go listen to all the music of game console Theo An. What? This up on on the websites here he the future of French physique it's alive and it will be there for very long time as I hope fringe Kook as well all over the world. Thanks to our wine and cuisine. Has Been Incredible I'm like. I've learned so much today and it Kinda seems like what's remarkable to me about French music after having gotten this kind of intense. consolidated overview of it is that it sort of been weirdly the same since the beginning it's got this very consistent characteristic to it where it's it's emotive. It's describing the world around. It's sort of very engaged with the world of outside of the self. It's very when you listen to it. You're experiencing the feeling of something. As opposed to sort of thinking deeply about not that it's like superficial or anything like that. But but like it's it really works on an emotional level more than some other music you know. I couldn't be happier with what you just say because indeed I think sometimes, I have myself suffered from the idea that basically. Beethoven Brahms Bruckner Vagner would be. Deep Music because they speak about man speak about metaphysics the speak about. Humanistic. Values and that French music would be actually somehow you superficial and on the third faith and can decorative and actually I really believe that it is not the case in the sense that it depends how you see what is your attitude with the world and as we have always wore environmental concerns with the world, we understand that it is very That we are connected to the world, we are in and. Despite being often descriptive or visual, the French music I think it's it's a structure behind that that is in sync with the depth of the world and that what is searching it and that's what makes it really also, very, very deep. It's mindful. It's like it's like it's paying attention to what's going on around instead of being like sort of you know solid cystic and just sort of pulled into the the self it's it's like like I said, it serve engaged in observing what's happening. In this absolutely I mean sometimes. Short Haiku from Japan poetry little poem from. Fringe Kook. I believe could fay in a very concise way as much about men as much about metaphysics as you know some very heavy. Literature from from thumb German of I. Think it's both of them are important interesting but we should not indeed just put one above the other. I think. Both. Valid to try to make us understand the world better and be happier agree to fund enough. This has been amazing I feel like like I have been on. An journey of sound today I really really appreciate it. This has been a great listen I and thanks for taking the time to do it. It's my pleasure. Thank you for your patience and well I. Hope you would come visit us in. Saint Louis to hear a lot of. Music of. Every composer, but also some French. Music. Ones. By the Super. I Adore I'm so proud I love them. Well, it's a fun. Thanks again. Appreciate it. Thank. Thank you. Over. All right everyone that does it for this epic episode of classical classroom for more classroom head over to classical classroom show dot com, where you can find all of our episodes forever ways to connect with us ways to support the show financially and. Where to buy classical classroom merch don't forget to subscribe to rate and review the show wherever you listen. It helps a lot and we live hearing your comments hearing your comments and we love reading your comments. Thanks to the birthplace of classroom Houston public media. Thanks to the official virtual meeting background provider of classical classrooms. Streaker streaker provides a naked person to streak across your screen during important meetings at random intervals. Thanks to find enough for being on the show it was great to meet both you and your amazing hairless cats to fund. Thanks to me for saying words but most of all, thanks to you for listening. Of Why? Or why? Simone?.

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