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About financial ization and the financial mentality and why it's bad for the country. Here's another dimension of the financials Asian issue with noting which is a lot of Wall Street types are very big on charter schools, and that's been coming up again recently, including some discussion of Representative Hakeem Jeffries who is a recently elected to a leadership position in the house of representatives who was close New York City charter school movement. Why is it that wall streeters like charter schools so much? They don't really seem to do a lot for kids. The evidence on them is poor the undermine public schools public school teachers. Well, it turns out that as Ellen singer has written that there are laws. They give them a great tax advantage. If they go into the charter school business, the two thousand and one consolidated appropriations act. Includes provisions tax incentives for seven years for businesses that hire residents in economically depressed, an urban rural areas, so banks and equity funds that invest in charter schools in underserved areas. Get a very generous tax credit, they they can combine with other tax breaks as they collect interest on any money. They lend out. So this explains so much about the financial structure of charter school corporations 'cause many times when you hear about well, it's a nonprofit a not for profit charter school, but they're renting buying services from a for profit corporation, and then all these tax incentives kick in so it's may also explain Allen singer says why Mark Zuckerberg I did so much in Newark that didn't seem to do much good. So this is another example of psychology and the BS rhetoric of the Wall Street neo-liberal crowd tying. In with their own economic self interest. They're making money while everybody else thinks their ideals. They're promoting people like Michelle real claim to be radical reformers, but are really just part of this gravy train that serving everybody, but our children. So what's again, we see that the politics of centrism and the psychology of of the rhetoric for lack of a better term dovetail perfectly with the self interest of wall streeters always pays to look under the cover at these sort of things as for Representative Hakim Jeffries who reportedly had a lot of support from people in New York City like Moskowitz were part of the charter school movement. He's going to have to show the people after having defeated a true progressive like Representative Barbara Lee for leadership. Position in the house. He's really going to have to show the public that he is a true progressive. And it's something we ought to walk. One in six seniors faces the threat of hunger and millions more live in.

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