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Your letter live on the air just like we're going to read this one right here right now. You never hold on tight. Yeah you never know buckle up and hold on tight. We got it for you here. It is the straw berry letter subject. She used to be my sugar. Baby deer stephen shirley. I'm a forty nine year old retired businessman i had had a startup in the early two. Thousands that did very well and i sold it in a million dollar deal. I make the majority of my income now from my real estate investments. That's how i met my twenty seven year old fiancee. She was renting one of my houses and after three months of her living there we had sex and i started taking care of her in every way. Here's why dot dot dot. The sex is beyond amazing and. She's a classy young woman by day but at night she's like my personal sex slave and vice versa. She has me under her spell. And i can't be next to her without touching her. I was ashamed of our age difference. But i got over it and started showing her off in our community. I proposed six months ago and she has moved into my home. And i bought her two puppies as a welcome gift. The only big downfall of this relationship if that she has her priorities mixed up when she moved out of my rental home i had to do a few repairs and replaced the carpet. Because she tour everything up she can step out of the house without a single hair out of place but she's failing miserably at housekeeping. I've never been with the woman that leaves dirty underwear on the floor. She won't do. The simplest of things like rinse the tub out after her bath or wipe off the kitchen counter when she spills something our housekeeper now comes twice a week because my fiance and her puppies lead lots of big and little methods all over the house. Maybe this is an age thing or she lacks home training. Is it possible to turn my sugar baby into a decent wife or am i making a big mistake because of great sex. Well i gotta be a little messy right here and ask. Don't you guys always make mistakes because of great sex don't you. I mean you name it. It's been done all in the name of great sex whether it's cheating or fighting or lying or missing work or whatever the situation when great sex is involved. You guys lose your minds. I mean let's face it. You're whipped so it's no real surprise as to why you proposed in moved her right on in your house but you're right it does sound like a lack of proper home training and You you've spoiled rotten sugar daddy. Well you can speak to her about it. And i suggest you do it now before you guys get married teller about the methods she and her little doggies that you bought her leave around the house. I'm i suggest you do it. Like i said before you get married because if you continue to let go it's gonna get worse after she becomes your wife. Don't write us then. She should at least be able to do the basic clean up a spill or don't leave dirty underwear round but until then i really hope you can afford to have your may come and clean up behind her. Maybe she can come in more days. Now you know. Can you turn your sugar baby into a decent wife or you make or are you making a big mistake because of sex you can be able to turn her into a decent wife but she's got to get the basics down. I mean that's the beliefs the very least she can do is clean up after itself. Steve we start at the bottom of the letter but based on comedy. Surely say i'm going to start at the bottom just for a brief moment I'm going to be a little messy hill. So i'm just saying. Don't all me and make big mistakes. Because they say so day. Nobody gilbert damn shirley what you talking about soul damn what we make mistakes consecrates got you do it now. Let me go in and start to let them this forty nine year old man retied businessman in forty nine solar start up. Da sold it for multimillion dollar deal making his money now from real estate nasr high mid twenty. Four hundred seventy fiancee. She was written one of your houses and after three months and living there. We have sex. And i started taking care of her in every way and here is why because sex is beyond amazing and. She's a classy young woman by day and at night. She's my personal sex slave and vice versa. So well now. Let's just start right here. Well that's what you gotta you seven year old personal sexy vice versa and you host sex slaves you k. If you sit next to the uk help but touch. Aw i got okay. So that's what you got. Then you say. I was a shame to first of our age difference but i go. I got over. It started showing off and art. I propose six months ago. She moved into my home. And i bought her two puppies as welcoming gill. What style who oles miss copies bought her two puppies as a welcoming. Gill puppies foale was the puppies phone. As you know down dog she won't freak read sex slaves for real. You know damn dogs. That's just like we asked this country to treat us just like they say in the constitution lead asked for all right. Listen hold your thought right. Puppies get it together. We'll have part. Two of steve's response coming up twenty three minutes after the hour subject. She used to be my sugar baby. We'll get back into it right after this. You're listening to morning show all right. Let's recap steve. Today strawberry letter the subject. She used to be my sugar babe but the man be is the way i made all the million selling his company. Now he got real estate need twenty-seven-year-old fiance ci rid one house. At the three months of living there we six. And i started taking care in every way. And here's what causes. Six is beyond amazing. She's a classy a young woman by day but at night she's like my personal sex slave and vice versa. Well like i said that's what you've got dog sexually so all this other stuff you've been asked for humping ass you so she got on us bail. You can't even sit nextel without touch. Then you started showing off in the community and you propose six months ago. Sheet moved mood into your house. And you'd about her to down puppies as a welcoming you so to iki do you. All your mistakes is worse. You mood is woman in your house. Ain't nothing wrong with that. I met you in love. what are you saying. I got you understand. What the puppies though. And then you come to the only downfall in his relationship and she got her priorities mixed up. When she moved out of my rental home i had to do a few repay ads and replaced the copy. 'cause she everything. Hey you just says she was sexually sexually go. Tell your house where hold on. Don't you you.

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