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Have a chance to go out there and the an represent the country and online you have for you have twenty three out of guys from the country and to have the chance to represent the dino in my case it was the eleven eleven million people or ten million people each is a small country buddy you agree are so proud to do that and because we know how much it means to all the people at home but uh i honestly i've into the the you know when you compare that uh playing playing at the olympics trying to go for metal organ going off to the stanley cup it's it's the same you unity it's the same approach you're trying to do your best and win unlike everybody allison uh it's uh even when in the stanley cup it's not as easy as it might seem abo some guys up the middle you guys made it look easy sure enough search certain years you know you realize that exactly and i said that the kind of support because 10 years who enough in a finals uh you know uh three or four times sanaa in the playoffs pre much every year and you're like okay there's going to be another opportunity next year but do you realize that quickly that's not gonna happen then you hear stories that you know when we played a colorado avalanche matter galbraith just made a move there an uh played in for twenty years and didn't have the cup yet so uh uh you realize how lucky you are to have the chance to to to accomplish that as a kid young hockey player did you have long in particular like your dream is i know maybe to make the nhl and all that but to win a stanley cup or envision winning a gold medal was there one or the other as a youngster uh to me was wounded totally different because when i was growing up back and we were still a czechoslovakia um we are two channels on tv and we there was no internet there was no phones already so i didn't know anything about nhl to level at two levels about fifteen sixteen years old when i start travelling in the junior national teams overseas.

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