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Nicole isn't a lot of its emotion. Yes, that's what I'm going to say. They are going after people's emotion, and I tell I have customers that buy a used car for their daughter. And then they bring in to have me check it out. And he spends 4 $5000 on it. Then it's gonna take another 3000 ago. Why did you Why didn't you think it's what she wanted? I just You know, I couldn't stop her from getting and now he's in deeper than he could ever want to be so cold. You really a purchasing psychologist, aren't you? Dios. Maybe I You know, it's more than I am. And it's It's really because I'm a car is so much more than a car. No, it's like what what Robert always says. What we always say. It's a It's a symbol of your freedom. It's the way to escape. It's it's your office. It's your kids. It's so many think conversations, you know, taking rides with the family. There's so much more to it. That that people get very swept up and I just want to say you really just got to be, you know, really have that clarity and yeah, I mean, that's what I help people do, Which is why I'm not offended. Jerry because I believe that there's a great way to do this. And that's why I started car savvy. Any of you want to reach me, But you go. Right, Jeff, Jeff, you agree or disagree. You know, I think it goes back to what David was saying. You know, people need to adjust their expectations. You know, buying a car for $5000 in 2020 21. Yeah. You're not gonna get anything that has any real value for five grand. You know to me that every day, By the way, Yeah, you know you You know if you're gonna buy a car for your daughter You gotta figure going to spend $10,000. So if you bought the company 55 into it. There you are. There's the number makes a lot of sense to me, eh? I don't think buying a 10,000 seems to be something I want to spend $10,000 like. That's not going to do it either. It isn't it, isn't it, Isn't it? Yeah, my clients, you know, that's that's you have to be straight out, you know? Is it? Any entrance is that will really put you really behind anybody who buys a car in that price range? Just needs a really good mechanic. Uh, yeah. And and and and a slightly fatter versus inspection. Yeah. You know, I think what happens most likely not going to get a warranty. I want people to understand. They're not going to get a warrant. It'll probably be over 100,000 miles. You'll have no lemon lawn that whatsoever. Just you have to be aware of what you're doing. Yeah, it's a calculation. And if you go into Ah purchase situation, you're purchasing something with unrealistic expectations and a lot of emotion. Boy, you're you're not going to end up in a good place. You're not going to end up in a good place, but, you know, cutting the cold every classic corporate just ever show me your end up. You end up with something that you don't like. It becomes like buyer's remorse, and it bugs you every single time you get in that car for the next four years or five years ago the thing so it's important to make the right choice. Especially, they're locked into a contract. It's like picking the wrong person in your life. Marriage. That's the other thing is Wait. Knowing when to cut your losses, Knowing when enough is enough. It's called Cut bait and run, right? Yes, yes, yes, that is That is the toughest thing Sometimes when you can't talk about wives because Uh, easy. You could apply to everything in life. You know, we've been I'm sure I'm sure everybody's had the person coming to the shop. They bought some, like BMW. For like $20,000. It's original like a $90,000 car. They have a five year note on it. And it needs, you know, $6000 a work every time it will comes into the shop. Well, for me, it's the Land Rover, but they see this Land Rover and they get a great deal on it. And then to fix the Land Rover is just open up your wallet and you just have to have that's where I got a great deal on it. Don't take that personally. Robert Erskine Yeah? People. We can hear Robert, but I don't know why. I take it very personal. Her Majesty think this is a insult on British people. How, Dave that it is a fact Some of these land rovers and range rovers they are They're wonderful, but they're a pain. Keep going on like BMW's. We've just heard. If you get the smallest component that fails and you take it into the shop, there's always a substantial bill. You know, I tell my customers all the time. You know the 1st 100,000. The 2nd 100,000 miles on a car is always a lot more eventful than the 1st 100,000. And if and if you're gonna be in it, one of vehicle across the boatload of money to fix it every time I watch out Robert Robert, those Land Rover is Those land rovers you shipped here. Your revenge for burning the White House, right? No, it's it's the fact that you emptied crates of tea. That's what Let's not. Let's not rehash that one to shake. Yeah, thing I find really funny about the Land Rover is that the initial of Exposure that we all had to do You see them like driving in Africa, right? That was the water mountain with a snorkel, and it looks like the most rugged, most durable, never most reliable car ever, and they put it on a regular street instead of the Serengeti. It's totally different. The FDR drive is a whole other story, baby it, Zoe. Right, Right? Yeah..

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