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Norms Saturday Night Live buddies, Adam Sandler and David Spade and Molly Shannon are there. So are Dave Chappelle and David Letterman. And Conan O'Brien, who appreciates not only what Norm Macdonald says, but how he says it. He had to, I think, best work choice of maybe any community I've ever seen. He intentionally mispronounces words. When he knows, he knows how to say TV. He says it's the TV. He came on our show. I think it was his first appearance and he was talking about a doberman and he said it's a doberman. And he knows. But he's constantly screwing with you on every level. Right. But his word choice is he was like Mark Twain. He was, he had this folksy completely out of time and I don't know if he was born 300 years too late or 300 years too early, but he's talking in a way no one speaks like that. And you really appreciate the way he says things. There's a great example of that in one bit where norm, instead of offering any wisdom, wonders why we've come to expect it from him or any comedians in the first place. He mentions one comic in particular, and as Conan notes, mispronounces his name on purpose. But he's got an even funnier idea, a more philosophical one just around the corner. It's been your comedian they expect you to know things nowadays. You know what I mean? Didn't used to be like that. During the Vietnam War, they wouldn't go, wonder what red skeleton thinks on this. But nowadays, like I've heard, they go, the comedian is the modern day philosopher, you know? But first of all, it always makes me feel sad for the actual modern day philosophers. Who exist, you know? After norm set, both Dave Chappelle and David Letterman tried to define what makes norm McDonald's nothing special. So special. It was very in theory. It was amazing. The form is different. It's not strictly speaking, stand up. It's something else. Yes, it is. So is the extended conversation afterward. Part wake, part party, and like Norm Macdonald's portion, unusually intimate. Even with longtime.

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