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With down in southern Indiana. But even the astute detective couldn't figure out who might have hired to do the job on top of that Lewellen had an alibi. He was in southern Indiana when the murders happened and could prove it police say he had a key to the house, and he knew the guys had been stealing blind. So we had motive and access, but they couldn't prove he did it or had it done. When Oland was cleared. He collected the money from the life insurance policy worth no clue covered the murder or the murder. Three. Indianapolis men who needle either body. Thirteen. Reports from WIBC on another possible connection. Someone who may have connected with the gay or have been told to warn anyone who may have known the vicar quieter L. The family on the city cowering in fear. The home of that. Boy. Nobody in connection with and we delete the girl's name endanger case had a lot of twists and turns which ultimately took police nowhere. The daughter of the woman called. Eighty looking girl walk near her home and avoid. Hey, come here. The of the daughter of one person knowing quite well, the three big. That night the mother goal WIBC proud of her pregnant alongside the how and it has gone unsolved for over forty five.

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