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We'll do it again tonight i'm dave anthony fox news ten more democratic presidential candidates will debate on the same stage as the tended last night the biggest threat to the security of the united states is donald trump jane's leeann the others took shots at the president on n._b._c. news and discuss climate change abortion and health care i spent a big chunk of my life studying white families go broke and one of the number one reasons is the cost of healthcare elizabeth warren advil the blasios that is the only to wants to abolish private health insurance and favor of medicare for all and to blahsy also said for all the american citizens out there who feel you're falling behind fail the american dream is not working for you immigrants didn't do that to you he blamed big corporations and call for seventy percent tax rate on the very wealthy houlihan castro called for change so it's not illegal immigrants to cross the border three of the candidates cory booker it's also gabardine e club charles said they'd negotiate new terms with iran rather than just rejoin the obama era nuclear agreement that other countries are still signed onto an iran may be ready to breach that fox's simon owen live in london day ground previously said that it was on coolest to violate by today one of the central restrictions in fifteen nuclear deal with willpower the size of it stuck files of uranium save us no word on whether it breach has actually occurred but experts say it's likely at some point in the coming days president trump's special envoy for iran is in paris meeting with european diplomats trying to salvage the dale after the u._s. pulled out last year davis i'm in president trump's in japan atlanta the short time ago for the g. twenty summit of world leaders including meeting with china's president source familiar with the trade talks says top u._s. chinese trade to go she will meet ahead of the two presidents discussions they'll try to restart these stalled negotiations the u._s. and china already have tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars in each other's imports and threatening more rich edson this is fox news fox.

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