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For exteriors controlled the team for almost ninety years Dan it's titled a different way to win Dan Rooney's story from the Super Bowl to the all the things he achieved not only in football of course he was also the United Dan this process actually well he was alive and we were talking about doing something maybe conclusion but to talk about how he tried to incorporate these things the steelers drafted more players from the HCC US than any other team and and you AAC the idea that he he tried to step into challenging situations and make the rule and he didn't just have an outsized role in the world of professional it's hard to be in a business for so long exercise so much power and so much influence with people right Jeremy You you deal with a legacy and he he you know I think you have to have to you pay special attention I don't know the pay more we had these qualities that that I think we all would like an a boss you know he he was very competent he doc with him around him knew that you know he was going to raise the bar on you but then they were very palpable from certainly my experience but I think more importantly sure Goodell Commissioner Tagliabue talk to you know sports executives and folks outside and indecency any balanced it or blended in a really good way and of course and the on race and we all know that the world of professional football is often very upgraded in the nineteen forties the steelers started an African American L. appease attitudes about racial inclusion well I certainly the history of our country Joe Job was right after Joe Louis it was my grandfather was a great promoter my father was was a better operator and he really started as you said it was the first time in NFL history that prior to the season talked him out blunt guys that went to the BBC's and they said you know it fairly and when chuck made that decision it really said to me I'm certainly proud I guess is the right way to say it that that he did it he didn't story from the Super Bowl to the Rooney rule he don't over the years since the implementation opportunity to get head coaching jobs and coordinator you take it seriously your dad died in twenty seventeen act I don't know if that's the the best word but but that there had been improvement you know how you know you're you're I don't have that number right in front of me should was very much a realist and Tony Dungy shared some of these stories with me about how it's my father sometimes would be the loudest voice saying yeah we're not we're not doing enough Bruni rule and this issue in particular we need to be doing a better job and and we're doing a better job if there's you know bear practices out there we're thinking about you know reported to the League so so you know we're we're creating do you know how do we include those over the last ten twenty Took the money you know which is their prerogative there right cashed a family that's intertwined as well with the mirrors and other one of the few families Berg even the region western Pennsylvania and your family You know where where I am in the world and folks come up to me if they you know sort of find this was something my grandfather wanted to do and my father and Joe Gordon who at this community in a in a way that was similar you know hard work and that same sort of mentality throughout and You know so you know all across the country and in different parts of the world or steeler fans and the and you know certainly are some of the with a lot of people and they become fans on on on one level or another lers fans a unique relationship especially.

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