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It'll acres with fifty mile views and a thousand feet of creek frontage is only thirty four nine yes that's eighteen acres with sweeping mountain views for under thirty five grand you don't need eighteen acres how about nine acres with big views and joining the National Forest for only nineteen nine located near like Burton each property comes with wide paved roads underground utilities direct National Forest access a mountain top community center street in area and so much more this poor closure sale will start at ten AM next Saturday September twenty eighth call now for an early preview or for more info eight hundred six seven five eighteen hundred sweeping views waterfalls and eighteen acres for only thirty four nine eight hundred six seven five eighteen hundred eight hundred six seven five eighteen hundred Hey folks it's your your exam you don't I've got a family history of heart disease and virtual imaging was able to scan my heart and tell me that I am to find my family history thirty percent of all heart attacks come with no symptoms and the results many times can be sudden death and heart attacks affect people of all sizes and levels of physical fitness but they were able to tell me that my heart is in great shape define frankly my family genetics virtual Imogene is the only provider of the EP CT scan in the area the B. C. T. scan has ten percent of the radiation as regular CT scans but with more accuracy virtual Imogene is unique because you as a patient you can be proactive and find out if you have early or late stages of heart disease or cancer with their skin and better yet you can skip the healthcare bureaucracy you hate and take the stand that saves lives and gives piece of mind call virtual Imogene at seven seven zero seven three zero zero one one nine and both you and your spouse will get. free art skin with a few minimal requirements call virtual imaging today..

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