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And so let's do what you can to make the transition. As smooth as possible. I saw an interview with with former President Obama last week on I think was on the one of the shows whether talk shows And they said, You know George Bush and I didn't agree on policy. We had some significant differences on a lot of things. But he says when I was elected I got a letter from, uh, president, then president, Uh, Bush said everyone in my administration will do everything in their power. To help you in your transition. That's class. That is the end. We've seen if you've heard the tapes if McCain's of when he lost or or see me when George H. W. Bush lost same thing. That was that was again there was a change. He lost to Clinton, he said, Even though you know that he was a one term president. What happened? I'll do everything in my power to Two to assure a smooth transition. That's class. We don't have it now, anyway, Joe, I appreciate the call and on Yeah, and and and I understand the people who don't want Biden to be alive. But he is. We're past that point. We got to take a break and make some money on the Tom Moore Show it for window and then we'll Come back for more calls our number again for 10922668 hours. We'll be back. Full frontal system will bring the.

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