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It's been too long for the first time. Since josie marina was second go round with chelsea chelsea fans out of the round of sixteen. I am beyond excited. This was a massive massive win for the mensa. We will get into it. We will also speak with pat nevin making a return engagement here to chelsea mike up almost one year to his debut here on the podcast and the women keep chugging along. We're gonna talk about the women's team and preview this final fa cup match before international brick mop. Wom you're listening to the official chelsea f c podcast baba's thia monaco swag chris wittingham league leaders. What those the points leaders in the league. I look i will give the neutral observer room to make fun of simoni athletico madrid and that playing sale. That you've been lamenting ever since. I've known you when you chris wittingham but let's give chelsea their proper do because this didn't seem possible problems months ago knitted did and i'm not going to kick anybody when they're down. It's just the way things were going with chelsea in franklin part towards the end. We couldn't envision them winning three zero on aggregate against the league leaders in athletico madrid. It just didn't seem possible because we'd give up too. Many chances not silva entrees christians which wouldn't have seemed like a huge miss two months ago either but the lineup. Because it wait. Where's andres christianson. You need them. It didn't actually and again. The chances are limited. I will say this is going to surprise many in our audience and probably surprise you. Because i'm the emotional one and i'm sure you might expect me. Given credit to the officials. They missed up early on as the new by his reaction. He didn't play the ball. Well too many soft touch try to yank was janika roscoe. Yeah try began. Crossbow down just outside. The box roscoe slips past it and then a little bit of tap and then rosco. Does the right thing in that situation fall down. I know many people were seizing on that. But it was really the tug their in combination. He whiffed on the past whiffed on the tug and probably should have been sent off that changes the dynamic entirely so chelsea dodge one. It would have been interesting to see how that game and aggregate take shape if chelsea and someone sent off and let it go go up. One nil your thoughts on the controversy surrounding the roscoe tug. I understand why jamie carragher at halftime thought it was a penalty. I admire the fact that as the emotional on this podcast. You thought it was a penalty. I think it was a penalty. And i know it's basically me and the referee or the only one that think that but that is so soft it is just i mean. It's like the only reason why it would be a penalty is what he's doing right. He's very clearly. I've been beat. I gotta do something just a little bit tries to go for the slightest bit of contact. You can get away with so i guess in the intent. It probably is a penalty. But i think makes the absolute most of it like. I don't think that that's what you should get sent off for and that's exactly what it would have been right. I think that's what the referee probably thinking is. If we give this penalty we have to send us believe quit too often. Are we going to send him off for that tackle and it just or that. I mean it's not even a tackle to pull the shirt and say even that much of a pull the shirt. I didn't think it was a red. I didn't think it was a penalty in my view as been quite has been pretty pitch perfect under thomas two-goal and that's really one of the only mistakes he's made under it and luckily for him and chelsea doesn't come back to bite them when you make a mistake like that and you don't apply the proper touch to a pass the keeper you leave yourself susceptible to something pretty subjective. There are other officials in world football. That blow the whistle there. Send as took off so when you judge it by that if i say we get ten officials and they make that call. I think more than half come away with saying that's a penalty to atletico madrid. And as the dov so judging by that logic i think chelsea dodged one good for them because they were the better team easily would have been shame. It came down to that. Luckily no controversy. No blog write-ups. No angry twitter accounts no eggs in my mentions chelsea especially with that second goal emerson all. He does a score. I mean and finish. Oh my god. God chelsea find themselves out of the round of sixteen finally and we were going over. The history of this is actually been a sneaky long time. Since we've been here it was up against athletico madrid. We were robbed of a dream. Final of real madrid vs josie marino. Year after he left real madrid tibo while still angry that he played in that semi final and athletico sent chelsea gun and they hadn't been able to get back to those heights. Heck they haven't been able to get to the quarter-finals here they are. It's going to be a very exciting draw by the time you hear this. You're going to be just as excited. It's just going to be around the corner. Six am eastern. I imagined we may see a couple premier league teams because there are so many of them copied primarily fan over here we might see a couple of premier league teams do battle in this round. We'll do the whole look at the lot thing but as a neutral this is a mighty impressive turnaround four thomas to chelsea. Were clearly better than at let it go madrid and i agree in that assessment. How did we get here with this manager. The players headed in them the entire time. The board made the right decision. Did they saw one hundred percent. I mean you're heading into match number thirteen under thomas to google and they've kept eleven clean sheets. They've conceded two goals. And i know it's redundant to say this every week but it is so impressive. The manner in which not only do you win games or draw matches because you don't lose them but the other team doesn't really create that many chances and again. It wasn't until the ninety second minute when the tie had basically gone a jaw eli's creates the best chance of the match. And then you have a goalkeeper. Who's done nothing. All game and produces a brilliant save. It's the manner in which that chelsea control games and as you said and as we've talked about it for months with a set of personnel that i think a lot of people think is you know top of the premier league or that you know maybe there were being replaced by other players in the squad or that there needed to be kind of a level up here. These are top level players that just needed to have a bit more of a structure in place. Thomas has given them that structure. And now you're starting to see players express themselves a bit more going forward. I think the breakthrough for team. Oh verner is coming. I think the breakthrough for key habits is coming. He's driving himself forward so much more of that. I came zero after getting the goal. Play a much better second half than he did the first so i think you're starting to see a bit more expressive nece going forward and you see standout individual performances all over the pitch. I'll let you go first in terms of the one that most stood out to you while there are so many out today and we had debates about pretty much every player in our texturing. But let's start with the main in the match because it's not sexy but i think.

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