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We do take EJ Perry here though. Okay. I think that's well, let's see who else is here, kenzie. Is not he's getting drafted. There's no way he's not going to grant it. Yeah, so keep an eye out for those guys. Slade Bolden, I think is a lock to be invited to camp. But counter Hayward, if he doesn't get drafted, would be interesting. I think he's going to get drafted though. Probably right here someplace in the 70s. So taking Connor Hayward here wouldn't be bad. And if you think that if you're like really high on LED or if you're really high on Perry and you think that those guys are going to get a UDF phase, then I think Connor Hayward has a role. That's maybe a little bit bigger on the team, right? Like I think that he could play this year and contribute as a fullback. I think the other thing is if it gets to this point, Connor Hayward, you have a better shot of let's say they both made it to the UDF a point, right? You have a better shot of signing EJ Perry as you DFA than you do, Connor Hayward. If that makes sense. Yeah. It does. We did Carter Hayward once before though. We did. Tyler rebel, obviously he was here. I don't think we did. I don't think we did Hayward yet. I don't think we've taken him yet. I thought we took him in the 7th round in another mop and did. Now, because last week was the first week we had a 7th round pick. Oh, I thought we took him. I don't know. I like the quarterback here. I like EJ Perry. I'm just saying, let's just make sure we didn't miss anybody. You look at their history of guys like Zach Robinson and guys and the later on day three as backup quarterback developmental guys. I think that those are those are interesting. EJ Perry do, like you said, scout team potential there. We took to his cousin last week. Yeah, he did. And there's no interesting linebackers. Is that Ross guy for Michigan? So Perry or stout, you want Perry? Let's go, Perry. All right, EJ Perry. Annie's an ivy leaguer. I think they like the brains. Yeah, especially for that scout team role. Learn a new playbook every week. Yeah. All right, so that's where we.

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