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He's got to be a decent player and add some value to any team throughout the league. So I'm not totally sure. I will look on him now. Now you got me intrigued, so I'm probably going to watch hours of video of him and trying to critique his game, but a lot of bad scenario Jacob and thanks for the question. Beth Lang, hi Beth, thank you very much for tuning in. She says need to sign pasta. Yeah, we do. But I don't, I don't think that's going to affect anything that does anything with trades if that's where you're trying to go. Possibly saying we can't make a trade if we can't sign somebody. Pasta neck is signed this year. So we technically we do not have to sign him until the off season, but there is that trade deadline that corner that the Boston Bruins seem to be getting pushed into. And no help to his agent, JP Barry, who is notorious for doing stuff like this and going right to the end. And even going past the trade deadline to the 11th hour, right before free agency to get deals done. So that's going to be a scary moment. Hopefully that does not happen in this situation. Talking about David pasta neck. I have heard some things coming across my desk that he did ask for a deadline of December 31st, 2022 to kind of wrap things up and get it going. Obviously we'll way past that deadline by a month and more. So that just seems like JP Barry is just kind of Sweeney and JP barrier talking. That's what the room is, which is good. It dialogs always good to have. It seems like from many reports out there that an 8 year deal, 11 million or 12 million is kind of cemented, but it might be just a fine details of how the money is going to be issued. Is it going to be is the contract going to be front loaded? Which obviously, you know, benefits the agent because if you're getting 20 million for the first two seasons, obviously 10% of 20 million is a nice little number for that agent where your final 6 7 and 8 years are probably like two or 3 million where it tails off. They're not so attractive to a to an agent. So the agent might be doing a lot more heavy lifting than past an act. I know past that kind of wants to stay away from the trade talks and focus on the task at hand. And that's going along with this group and trying to win a cop. And I'm going to go on the record. I'm not going to be sad to say this, but I think that if this continues, I think maybe David pas and that gets a little frustrated and maybe fires his agent JP Barry for possibly not getting it done deal done soon enough and moves on to an age that could act a little quicker and then get this behind them. Who knows? I mean, that's the speculation on my half. I don't have any inside information saying that that passed an act is going to fire his agent. JP Barry, but it has happened in the past. We've seen it.

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