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And throughout the episode please note than us is not a licence psychologists and psychiatrists but she's got a lot of research for the show thanks grant and just a reminder if you're is fascinated by cult says we are you can listen to previous episodes of cult on your favorite podcast directory don't forget to subscribe while you're there because new episodes come out every tuesday if you like what you here please leave a fivestar review were every listen it helps people like you find us you can also find us on facebook and instagram at park cast and on twitter at par cast network and i do not appreciated at several i ever appreciate somebody coming here was to route one concers and gals past trailers and all of us hand was his goal as the obvious usinor seeing these days general is so vital for he wants he's one of the games agassi use as we get hers ceased to me i am vestige protests minerals elise asks kills lease actively the white house point zones russian amount wise in mice hughes family i'll i'll be choose any and i'm sorry some these guys got to show us ace hotel these are the words of david koresh recorded by his right hand man steve schneider after the february 28th 1993 atf raid that killed four federal agents and six branch davidians the tape was sent out to the fbi near the beginning of the fifty one day siege the atf raid and subsequent fifty one day standoff with the fbi are the most deadly confrontations between federal agencies and a religious or ideologically motivated group to have occurred on us soil in 1993 just prior to the raid karesh and his multiracial and multi ethnic group of one hundred thirty students lived at the mount carmel compound 10 miles outside waco texas popularly they're known as the branch davidians but by 1993 crush wanted of them to call themselves the students of the seven seals and by the end of the standoff they favored being called kerestedjyants but there weren't many people left to make that named stick we'll.

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