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And it will say for instance well you know sally downstairs is reading email but joey upstairs is watching tv let's make sure joey gets enough band with things like that they actually do that kind of span with shaping as well same basically the same thing that almost doing so but the oma is uh kind of a dog in the major ho the omer once at all to itself well i changed i change it i put the union is how it works in video hmas inside oh yes if the not a word that it is work know what you may get are you on the on the right now no i'm on my iphone ele yeah sounds good what may happen sometimes is dropout you may egypt you know it's worth experimenting discuss illness as we want to be first does mean they have to be first biljana i not going to change in back or something happens so so hopefully i i'll run on money computers from my computers to him to leave those uh you know directly have i was afraid maybe wanted to switch might be dropped he could be that'd be can be slowing at them what kind of switches internet net gear it's an older one but it's not uh you can think of what are at least handle hundreds well maybe it could be imminent israeli all the could be ten megabit it's not 'cause it's getting more than that but a maybe a hundred megabits which is nowadays you're gonna want everything be gigabit on it just to make sure alan have held room together it's a might be a newer switchability a good good idea another thing you might want to look at uh i i don't want to make this more complicated than it is but we've talked before about a ubiquity protocol the edge radyr exits only forty five dollars it's a smart it's a router smart switch doesn't have wi fi at all but i i use my ear i use it to be direct connected to the her and then i would connected houma it has four ports fi ports one of the portugal the oma one of the porch to switches and one of them to the euro.

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