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Trust me when I say, they have had the best coverage and the most in-depth coverage of this small that story than any other organization out there. Bottom line. One hundred percent. I wish we had people here in Las Vegas JD that covered the UNLV basketball program as well as they cover the sports channel TMZ. I digress. I let me explain. Hey, somebody in the media yesterday. I believe it was two days ago. When on the radio and said that they would rather choose Marvin Menzies as the UNLV basketball coach over guess who knows Dave rice, not Reggie Theus. Rick pitino. That's right. Somebody went on the air. And said they would rather have Menzies coaching this team the richton? I know what some of you might be thinking Brian. What do you care what everybody says? Well, what do you care what other people think what just do your own show your snowflake, man, you really sensitive? Yeah. What do you care? Well, I'll tell you. Why care somebody today on the air? This is what they said. They said if UNLV they're trying to make the case that you all these not such a bad spot. Like if one thinks even though there's two thousand fans showing up two games, and the comment was if and I'm quoting here. If you be one four or five games in a row and play a good team. They'd be fourteen thousand people in in the Thomas and Mack first of all that is the most idiotic comment. I've ever heard I guarantee if they want four or five games, and there's no chance they played Nevada. One of the top teams in the country. There was what maybe eight or nine thousand people there wasn't. It was a good crowd for that was the best crowd a eleven probably eleven or twelve it was it was it was pretty packed. I don't think there was that many. That many people I had to park really far away for the first time ever. I don't think there was that many people there. But so let me answer my own question. Speaking in the third person. Here's why this stuff bothers me because I feel like and I've talked about this before when members of the media that are covering a team say things because they are drinking the Kool aid. And that can mean multiple things could be getting paid by UNLV could be a flagship there. There could be a lot of different reasons for that. But when you don't cover a team, honestly, and you say things that are that ridiculous. Because you want to support Marvin Menzies or you don't wanna cause ruckus, you know at the university. Then you're doing a disservice to the fans, I remember nobody next to nobody criticized Dave rice, it it creates a false expectation for your loyal for your loyal fan base. Who trust what you say? Right. That's why you're in the media. That's why you have a job. And I am not always right when it comes to covering UNLV. But I was right. When it came to Dave rice and from day one, I didn't think it was the right hire thought he was the wrong guy for the job similar to the reason why I think Marvin Menzies is the wrong guy for the job. So for years. Nobody would criticize Davis. I shouldn't say nobody there were a few people in the media that did a good job. And I think that Bernie Fratto is one of them that comes to mind, he's a friend. He's always done a good job covering UNLV. I think Mark Anderson has always done a good job covering UNLV. And we always love having him on. But I think the majority of the media refused to be critical of Dave rice. And then literally hours after he was fired. Then they started to be critical. It's just the phoniness around this. I just don't understand it for the life of me. The program is in and some people would lead you to believe that the program isn't a really good spot. And the team is really young. And the future is really bright. What the hell would give you that type of opinion? I just for the life of the I just don't get it. And then people will make the excuse of how young team is. And then my response to that is, but what's your excuse last year when they had the top recruiting class in the mountain west Joe, Joe was a senior Johnson was a senior he had McCoy. Who was McDonald's all American juiston? Best player coming at you ball. And yet Clyburn who's a junior last year. What's your excuse? Hear people say, well, you know, it was a disappointing year. But that's it. They'll just move on. So if last year didn't work out, and it really didn't work out. Then then what makes you think it's gonna work out down the road not to say that a coach can't have a bad year. But last year was atrocious. I'll tell you what's going to happen. You know, San Diego State yesterday. I watched the game fun game. I was watching it with C win. And cynical state that crowd that atmosphere over there. What does it vehicle arena is that what they call it? Absolutely. I believe that's what the that place was rocking. Man. It was a hell of a home court advantage into that. Look completely a sorts yesterday and San Diego State gave them their second loss of the year. They they do that they do that. Once every looks like fifteen games, but I'll say this the sa- and New Mexico. The same thing about New Mexico. That is a great home court. It is tough to win games. Even though they're not they're not having a great year over there, New Mexico, but San Diego State that was just a great atmosphere last night, the fans were going crazy. The student section was crazy. Have you seen the student section at the Thomas and Mack center in the last month and a half? Have you seen that? What is pathetic it is a joke, and I'm going to go by what you said on the shell a month ago. And I think anytime I criticize the students. This is what I say, I'm echoing what you said, I'm copping what you said that at times there are more letters in the word rebellion than there are students in the Thomas and Mack center, and you're right, then there's actually nine letters. It's true. Don't look at the air force game. We're not lying here. We're not lie. It's truthfully discussing especially considering the fact that UNLV won a national championship less than thirty years ago. And UNLV is one of maybe fifteen programs to do that in the last fifty or sixty years. It's interesting is not unreasonable as Danny Tarquini came on the show last week and stated for UNLV to expect to content. And for the final four of the elite eight every single year. It is not unreasonable. The expectations though are so low for this team. It's unbelievable how how Adam hill can say that knowing or anybody can say that knowing that Marvin Menzies is legitimately three and twenty nine now is that what it is against top one hundred teams. I'll give you something. Even better they worked somebody at another company. Not this company tweeted something out saying that they are giving the record of UNLV in the mountain west conference this year as opposed to Dave rice third year in the mountain west conference. I believe Dave rice was ten and eight in his third year. Do you know how good the conference was back? Then I mean, and the people that are tweeting this out how do you tweet that out without giving some background Kate New Mexico was the number. I believe sixteenth ranked team in the country and San Diego State was like around fourteen or fifteen in the country had Leonard, and you have you literally had. Several other teams that were close to the one hundred range, and it was a very competitive conference. It was a good conference. I went through I researched the mountain west recently and Nevada is unlocked for the tournament. Utah state is a possible at large possible beyond that. There's nobody even I mean, Fresno state has a chance. Well, not actually lost air force at home. Looking at max probably of two teams that make it. Now. I could see San Diego State sneaking in if they make some noise in the mountain west tournament, and I could see them. They could possibly win. That'll be a good tournament to watch. Let me give out the number here. Because I want to know if you guys agree or disagree. Do you think we have a sponsor ability responsibility, myself included, JD include do you think we have a responsibility to report on UNLV, and to be honest and not drink the Kool aid? Do you think we have a responsibility as media members to do that? And I'm talking about everybody across. I'm talking about columnists and talking about radio host TV guys. Don't you think we have a responsibility to report on UNLV accurately and honestly number to call to five seven five three nine six seven zero two two five seven five three nine six. I certainly think as members of the media, we do a big, I guess you could say disservice to fans out there when you make the program out to be in better shape than it. Actually, you're treating the fans like they're stupid. You've got educated fans like Scott who calls all the time. Who knows that? It's total Bs when that happens. It is it is. You is any really really bad situation right now. They're losing a lot of money fans are not showing up to games there in an atrocious conference right now. The point don't get me wrong with her at the point where they really can't hire big name coach without an outside investor more or less, whether it's. A booster or a shoe company? Something along those lines has to come through the financing to actually pay for a big name coaches that you were false. Yeah. I mean, people people assume that they can hire. And they just got to come up with the money. They don't have the money where does the money come from? That is the question that I asked the money has to come somewhere. Where's it gonna come from? Where does this money come up to to hire a guy like Patino, the number to call again to five seven five three nine six? Let's start off with Jim Jim thanks for calling in our you. What's up, Jim? I'm just fine. Thank you for taking my call. UNLV I was actually out UNLV a little bit just a hair before the nineteen Ninety-one team. I was there. I was there during like the eighty three team when they. The when they were to the final four, and my tuition was. Like thirty five dollars credit. That's unbelievable. That's a good. That's good believable. And I couldn't afford to go camping. Now, my kids work fulltime. I work fulltime, and and was able to go and still have money to play around and go to Carlos birthdays for their happy, happier. The. The problem with the money is that it's it's not there anymore because they're not charging way too much for the tuition and so forth. So you get into that whole political argument about that. And I've been. I've been saying. Lon Kruger left that you're not going to have the top twenty team until you have a top twenty coach. I agree. So I could not agree with you more hundred percent agree with that. And I'm not even sure this is about and I get what you were saying about the tuition stuff, JIMBO. But let's just call it. What it is. If we had a top twenty coach. And this was a top twenty five program. People would show up Jim Wright. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So, but I think when you're talking about the responsibility of the media to call it like it is. Yeah, we can't we can't turn the clock back. But. For the past twenty years. The media has been there's always says, you know, what they look. This is a great that. It'd be the great year. They've got the greatest recruiting class and everything. Yeah. Says this is this is not working we try to do that everyday recruited recruiting. Clearly, you're saying. Yeah. I haven't. Maybe it's too late now because when Tarquini Ian Cain was what you say. They had enough people to pull together to say. All right. You know, this guy's gonna pick in a few bucks in. This guy's gonna kick. It a few bucks. And we got right. You know, sponsor and together we're going to give you know, we're going to pay this guy enough to to come. You. Don't see that happening. I didn't even I don't even know who the boosters are anymore. Yeah. I talked to a few of them. I talked to a few of them, Jim. And you know, obviously they in a perfect world. They'd love to get Patino from what I've heard is. They're surprised how much money it actually cost to get a THAAD motto or to get a Rick Pitino. This is very very expensive Thad Matta who I think is would be a great hire had a hit one of the best recruiting classes of all time. It'll how state with Greg Oden and Mike Connors, the two other five starts he can really recruit. But the guys to college point, it doesn't matter if you can recruit if you can't develop your players, and you can't put your players together in a system and get them to play coach K. Yeah. He has five stars for days and days he has done, but he makes those guys play together. So does Tom Izzo sodas ROY Williams Charles these guys do so does not happening right now with Marvin Menzies absolutely not..

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