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Oh wait brenda song is from another choose on sweet life zaka yeah yeah oh london tipton absolutely tokens dating her dime yeah what yeah he's dated some majors like now no check out her instagram it's all pictures of them like hanging out he must have like some heavy heavy swagger and finesse in in person yeah oh for sure i mean yeah he's like i think he's definitely a charming dude must be i'm sure that i was level charming yeah god level because i mean going in like i don't need that much if you're i think macaulay kalkin just being macaulay culkin is like still i think you're underestimating how much cachet that that carries yeah i think it just goes both ways double edged sword depends on your mccully perspective i think a lot of these girls kinda i mean if we're being honest a lot of these women that macaulay culkin has had sex with a lot of these women wanted to have sex with kevin mcallister who evidence of them dating dude yeah getting like look at those from the other arminarm brent assign absolute he is looking a little better lately he's he's recovered he was looking very methy for a while he's gotten better so it makes those that's his journey now he's a podcast like us yeah hit he finally hit rock bottom and became a podcast yeah that's i think it is it's it's funny how like whenever whenever like.

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