Wisconsin Supreme Court, Wisconsin, Marquette discussed on Sean Hannity


Decision though sweeping decision by the wisconsin supreme court in your estimate for professors for conservatives in particular for free speech generally well it's an important precedent it's it's not binding on federal courts state courts outside wisconsin although it will be watched incited what marquette did was contractually guarantee me all the rights of association and expression in the constitution which includes the first amendment then they tried to weasel out of that when i published a blog post said it in like by claiming that i don't something unprofessional or was reckless lately they've accused me of cyber bullying the graduate instructor i blog about who wouldn't allow discussion of gay marriage because she said it would be homophobic and would offend any students in class they tried but they tried to weasel out of the strong guarantees of free expression and my contract and it didn't work had they been able to do that any professor who is disfavored by administration particularly if that professor is disfavored by a substantial number of colleagues that can be put on a faculty panel decide now that's conservative professor to say that that'll that'll be a professor show of might come under attack will be much better off now certainly in wisconsin and yes courts do pay attention to precedents in other states although they may not be technically binding you know the redefinition of the category of hate speech that we constantly hear defending police that's hate speech defending traditional marriage that's hate speech being prolife at a extensively catholic university like marquette that's hate speech that's what we've heard so had this gone a different way and marquette was able to essentially look at clearly protected civil civil speech your blog was civil it was critical but it was very civil you simply expressed an unpopular political opinion not on campus but among the faculty class and the administrative class on campus had this decision gone another way then you could have you could have potentially even seen a you just did a recent blog post defending men against false accusations of rape that might have been considered on tour john or or you know just a bridge too far and they could have simply judge the content of anything you did said or taught in ways that could have put your job at risk tenure are not what was your i mean for example false accusations of rape christina hall summers who calls herself the factual feminist who's a critic of these sort of rape hysteria has been interrupted shouted down at universities called a rape.

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