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A wall it's gone Dillon more with a two run Homer, off the top of the wall. And, the sky SOX take a three to two lead homerun derby for sure and this one tonight it. Stayed three two. Two sky SOX not very, long though up until the top of the fourth inning very. Next half inning, the dodgers Bank, added against Alec Asher and company and it occurred with two outs again dodgers scored, all the two of their. Runs tonight with two outs in their innings with two outs Travis Tyrone walk next batter was Jake Peter the pitch hit high in. The air deep towards right field Coulter's going back turning watching gone a long home run for. Jake Peter and the dodgers. Take the lead back four. Three in the. Fourth inning Then the pitcher Logan Baucom singled Connor Joe walked to one two outs, for Henry Ronald the two Hit high in the air towards right. Field Coulter looking And it's gone home Brian. Just fair down the line, and the dodgers have scored five runs on to home. Runs all with, two outs here, in the fourth inning our new score the dodgers seven the sky SOX three But the sky SOX would. Not fold up, the tents bottom, of the fifth inning Against Zach McAllister leadoff single by Nick Ramirez the pitcher to get things going in the bottom of the fifth. Two outs later Tyrone Taylor did his thing is the ball one pitch Leissner to right, center field asking to get down and it goes all the way to, the wall. Heading base Ramirez Ramirez getting away he's going to try and score and he will score the throw past the catcher Smith and advancing third base after a. Double is Tyrone Taylor It's seven to four Oklahoma.

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