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D. O. C. D. A. L. I. diverted to follow us on Twitter account and I AM on Facebook that after the early show big thanks to genesis communications ever forgive show weapon and Jason who was working the dial so I see parents want to protect the kids god bless them you don't want to do that the hard to the right place and I see them Joe is a little out of their their kids every ounce of skin they could see with big white thick cream and that's always bothered me have taught you guys about that but I'm not one to talk because I've already had some pre malignant skin issues I'm very fair and so I can't I don't want to tell you guys the wrong thing have you not protect yourself and then unfortunately you don't get cancer what I've been doing is using like long sleeve shirts I will put a little bit of sun screen on my face on my legs but then I will wear long watersheds and so you know it I try to protect myself from the sun and so this this this study though looks at the main ingredients in sunscreen lotions and all review how they work and investigators from the FDA found that all of the chemicals at higher concentrations in the blood then the FDA's threshold one of the ingredients in a concentration that was three hundred sixty times greater the what was recommended by the agency the FDA and American academy of dermatology stresses of these chemicals are safe but words of Lincoln the hormone disruption like affecting your endocrine function fertility things of metabolism and liver kidney failure the team stresses of the findings do not mean that the public should stop using sun block that more research is needed to determine the effects of these in the blood so so it is usually have evil Ben's own oxy van zone akta cry lean homo Sally Oct to sell aids and oxen oak St these ingredients have been kind of under scrutiny because in two thousand twelve the environmental working group released a report recommending that sunscreens be free of oxy Bansal because oxy Ben's own could cost cell damage so I usually use zinc oxide only I see after that and I helped local fox five cover that piece I'm like you know what I'm just not gonna buy some square rocks Wenzel then in two thousand seventeen study found that after crying because DNA damage in various aquatic animals another study conducted Sameer found that able Ben's own can turn toxic when exposed to chlorine and potentially lead to kidney and liver dysfunction so this particular study that was published in the journal American medical association the team recorded forty volunteers for.

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