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Right. They're doing it. It's tough. I love the point ride result makes his point a lot. When he's doing this weekly podcast with Bill where he says, we shouldn't romanticize every single time in NBA player speaks out. Not every time. Somebody speaks out. And complains is, you know, this show of power that we as a media should remain to size. I totally agree with it. I would just say the corollary to that is we shouldn't romanticize every time a GM makes a trade that tears A-Team apart as brilliant move, just automatically. Well, that's a great. You know, who cares about the feelings of the people? It's it was a great tactical move. We should romanticize that either in this goes both ways. And that goes about what I'm saying about the way we talk about players, you know, in talk about GM, sorry, David topic number three Tucker Carlson doesn't need any help falling backward off, the high dive. But last week the watchdogs over at media matters. Unearth audio clips the Carlson made between two thousand six and two thousand eleven on the Bubba the love sponge show. Now you and I listen to Howard Stern back in the day. But I feel Bubba is part of this tier of edgy. And I'm making giant air quotes here morning radio along with Opie and Anthony and Mankato that I never actually. Heard all I heard about was the controversy that was generated by the show. It was just it was just like it was like an AP story in the newspaper. And I think what what is opioid Anthony. I don't know what that is. Carlson made comments about African Americans immigrants in in this particular clip. The Iraqi people Iraq is a crappy place filled with a bunch of, you know, semi literate keeping, but I have zero sympathy for them or their culture a culture where people just don't use toilet paper forks. Women. You know, I agree with you there their culture is, but you're in their homeland, and you're over there as an American who they hate and they want nothing more than the Americans off their soil. So they're not gonna play. I mean, I they mean, can they shut can just the. shut the fuck up and obeys. My view is that I'm sorry. Is that is that Bubba actually bring around to women's rights in Ducker is just going back to the slurs dynamic in that clip. I gave I'm not even sure that was Bubba. But you at your word what above us pals. So I think we could do this quickly. Because this to me is an example of where a semi respectable. And I am making air quotes. Once again around the word semi semi respectable person goes on a morning radio show and tries to hang with the host. And they get in trouble because they soon learn that whatever the host is doing is not okay outside the confines of the morning radio show. Do you agree? Yes. Okay. And of segment. No. I'm the most the posted, Dory's example. I founded this. I'm sure there are so many. I mean, Don, everything Donald Trump said on the stern show would probably qualify. Yeah. This one nine hundred ninety five US Senator US Senator Alfonse D'amoto go. On Don Imus show and made fun of Judge Ito has the most nineties thing you ever heard. Yeah. That's great is the New York Times put it Mr. D'amoto sharply criticized and belittle Judge Lance Ito and used an exaggerated Asian accent like that a villainous Japanese characters and old World War Two movies. So that happened back in nineteen ninety five. I was also wildly entertained, David..

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