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More than thirty five days long and players will take a five percent salary adjustment in two thousand twenty, so we are going to get soccer. This is the sport to me. that. It's an international sport. They a lot of international stores. I think the MLS is GonNa work seamlessly. We may not pay attention to it as much, but if you look at soccer football. Goalie wears gloves. You don't share a ball. There is a lot of actual spacing. You have a huge pitch and not many players. Soccer's the one sport to meet a team sport that works instantly. Just, it just works even. In the League the Italian league. They're starting their opening back up two weeks. For for a couple of weeks internationally, so this is good news. We'll have some live sports on. They'RE GONNA lose a billion dollars in the pandemic that just and that's not a league just has a billion dollars to. Baseball.

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