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It no and certainly and when you talk about successful obviously you can talk about it from two different ways. If you're looking strictly at stanley cups yeah you can. You can argue all day about that. But from a financial perspective and from a market perspective the flyers have been one of the most successful teams in the nhl since nineteen sixty seven. I mean they've they've consistently sold out that building Almost year after year Up up through the last few years but in terms of minor hockey you had to a pretty serious minor hockey franchises in philadelphia after the flyers. Were already there. You're the firebirds run for about six years in the city in the seventies and then you had the phantoms run for about thirteen years in the city from from nineteen ninety-six to two thousand nine and both of them had different levels of success. The firebirds were pretty successful ultimately relocated to syracuse and the phantoms. Were perhaps the most successful american league franchise of their thirteen years. I mean they they really helped prop the ahl up at a time. They were battling for minor leagues premacy with the international league. So it's interesting to see like you said the that philadelphia support two different teams A major and a minor league team and one of the reasons is because the two don't really compete with one another at least in the modern hockey market back in the nineteen thirties. It was much different. But in in the seventy s you know a minor league team Was a ticket for minor. League team was much cheaper than nhl team and for sure in the nineties when the phantoms came about i think at the time flyers tickets were maybe like forty fifty dollars for lower levels seat and a fan of stick. It was five dollars. So you're not competing for the same consumer at that point so from a business perspective does make sense in a hockey mad market to to to put a minor league team to support the major league. Team it really helps generate the next generation of fans who at least in the seventies with the firebirds could not even get ticket to the flyers because they were winning stanley cups and sold out every night and in the ninety s may not have been able to afford flyers tickets necessarily and so it really creates an opportunity for families young kids to see a hockey game in a way. That doesn't break the bank. Eighty costs you know thirty forty dollars for family ford to see a game for the phantoms. Let's say in the nineties whereas it costs hundreds of dollars to see a flyers game family of four and so you see from a business perspective. How it makes sense especially market as big as philadelphia. Yeah sure that makes sense an and but it's also interesting dynamic though is a little different than say here in chicago right. So the the wolves right became more of a suburban lower cost fun filled minor league heavily. Promotional dynamic versus the in city big market if you will Blackhawk thing the the geography and the stadium situation in philadelphia. Quite different right. Absolutely you've got what's called the sports complex philadelphia and it's it's funny. Because when i was a kid. I never understood that. That was unusual. That a city put all of their sports stadiums in the same little area. I would go to utter cities and you know you go to new. York and madison square garden was in the middle of manhattan. And yankee stadium was over an east and i. I don't understand why you wouldn't put all the stadiums together. And i never understood that philadelphia was unique to that and so people outside philadelphia may not realize that you know at one point..

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