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Trashing you run to the toilet like, a grown up Oh my God yes we're talking about Cal, I met one of the teachers there at an event and she's a huge fan of Sarah What does she, teach she's the field hockey head coach Her name is Sally Something. To, do with lenox. Nope not gonna happen Oh my. God they. All do they love the cat now so much. John Riley is not a fan of that cat how long has she had the cat since she moved? In, with the cat Or March maybe show is comes home late and makes noise, wakes up he can't terminate? Lot. Of crying Lada, crying that's a. Lot of like this paper. Due tomorrow. I'm just about to start it I knew it's. Eleven pm in your lights are already off but could you help me yeah A lot of? That My needs to talk Louis oh my God What does that mean? What does that mean don't. Don't tell. That one that's boy you've. Come in here I've missed. Some of the best Well who knows that story because he. Comes to my, house every, week so, the kids you know he's like? What's going on with the roommate In, here and, then we laugh about it here Can you go? Back to his dorm with the Asian kid rooms he can't go back there, either surrendered his spot in the door We signed. A two year lease for this place Let's wait how. You get rid of that girl well. Or not you're stuck right hitting the rental rules Comes. Home every night right no he, is home for the summer and he spends, his weeks there, he wants he wants to join some said I'm. Gonna try and come homeless this? Year and I'm thinking. I'm hoping it was join some clubs and stuff why don't you. Join a fraternity don't join a fraternity He's nice little. Frat boy yeah not that says? Reaction this very nice I'm against them to why, because no. Good. Comes from well look I. Don't, know all the fraternities you're sure sure Great things. That happened in Jordan Linda Linda. Linda the networking part is really great you're absolutely chaos that. Goes on behind it that can be detrimental to guessing he's, not, looking for the frat that that, does beer. Bonds Sure Animal science clubs never gets any. Stores Richard You didn't do any? Stories, yeah Are you talking about I mean it's. Been an hour and a. Half we've been on. The air we haven't done? Any Stories. Personal star I think? Riley should, join alpha delta PHI no he's not. Gonna join any frats fraternity. Berkeley go on Sunday You guys. Are so dead again your reaction I don't, like, that reaction from. You to well we don't. Like you thanks Charlie is, coming back to the. Bay.

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