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Eighty nine and I get go to college. You know to to talk through that time. And I followed your career, and I never thought it was gonNA play. The NFL just worked out for me, but you had a whole different path so about the first time in your life. Do you remember sports became a big part of your life? And what's that I? was because. I fell in love with a coach I. Don't know whether it was sports. Itself I was overweight as grown up, and I used to have a speech impediment. where I used to be bullied, I was bullied a great deal and A lot of key is us you know. Pick on me and no one ever gave me time of day. And I two older brothers that was very good. Athletes and stuff and I had is coached by the Tom Jordan. And he was attract coach, and also coached the linebackers and football in high school, football and and Alison. He's looking at me one day. He figured it. This has gotta have some you know. He got quote brothers a great athlete, so he's gotTa have something. And you'll keyser picking on me and also his coaches come pick me up at the Churchill sons. And, he would take me out to the track. And sometimes we'll sit at interstate emir. Just talk to me and Evan Idea Aguado. Workout and I call myself working out. I don't know what I was doing. And he took the time out to make me feel good about Herschel Walker to town. Maybe it's legal about myself. It calls for a long time. I didn't I didn't feel good about me. I never spoken to classroom letter, said anything, but that coach me feel good about myself and so I believe in him. And when I started getting better at different things, he should tell her she you can do. And because he told me I can do can do you know if he said I can do it? I knew I could do it and it wasn't that hours. Out trying to be an athlete. I'll just trying to please them him for everything he did to me. And what was weird. I remember. It may have been mined. Freshman Year in high school. I was BICA. Stored in fooled by what I was a bike of tale by. Your fool by not going to get care. Now. Right. There's a trap coming your way every now and then to not the. You do. And it was strange because we went into a sit in Augusta. Georgia and I remember this isn't years ago. And stored in. Tell by got hurt. In that coach coach and went to the Say Your should by the coach harsher arsenal notice. In his coach it right now. He knows what he's going to do. Well actually agreement that game of acquaintances team was called Qantas head about one thousand nine hundred dollars about two, hundred, eight or something. And I believe in the coach. I didn't believe that I can do it, but he said I knew you can do. It hurts because you've been working. A lot of people worked where you work. And it was weird about that name. The move me back to four by moving by tear bike and I play for the rest of the year. But. I realize that time. As long as you work, you're going to be okay. People think it just happens. Not Tell people all the time. Nothing just happens. You have to get out of work, everyone. Everyone won't be Golden Rain, but nobody will to work to get it and you know, doesn't everybody WanNa win the Super Brain. Teams that win the Super Bowl. Tale from the beginning. They don't just go out and also get lucky and win the super. Bowl that doesn't happen. So I realized then not that unhappy book. Our work at everything you do doesn't matter what it is. I'm going to work in the reason. I'm so stupid now. That I, work at whatever I'm doing, and not that I'm successful. I didn't make sure that I want to be able to compete. In sometimes when you compete no matter what you do, I had a gentleman he he got through to me on Messenger facebook and he asked me, says Gus. What should I do I want to start this new thing, but I'm scared, and I said look if you put your heart and soul into it, and you work hard at it every day. Good things are going to happen. They might not be right away, but if you just stay nosed in, just you know, just keep pounding away at it. Something good is going to happen so when you were young. You know you talk about this work ethic. Did you have some of that good support at home? Because we all need a great coach, but you also need to go home. Pairs and I had a bunch of brothers and sisters. I have three brothers and three sisters. And one thing that was very interesting. That happened to me. And this is weird because my pants. All of their life you know and I told my mom and dad will go there live where he's coming from work and no matter what the kids were doing outside. My parents take time to go out and play with us. They take the time to play with. Something happened to me and this is on military triple We're. is about my mom is. She's going to be eighty four coming up. This hour about five years ago, she's read at seven to nine. Where my mom seven nine of we go to my mom's house today. My nephews and niece got bigger, so we'd like going to limp gotta be in shape. Break. Out there and they started getting a basketball game together. My mom was sitting out there and my mom said you'll I WANNA play? She seven an hour. Wait a minute I'm GONNA. Pick my mom because she she didn't play golf nobody. I think we, my mom and stuff, so nobody picked it. And what was weird. I want one of my military troops. Now's talking stuff hit me. Hit Me as something, you just adds there. How much work did you do? What did it come? Ns wait a minute. My mom seventy nine years old. and. She still wanted to play with me. And when I was a little evidence, that came home. They took the time out going to play with us. Them the nine WanNa play museum in not. Not what our policies mileage us? About us mom a thank you. Thank you indeed. For giving me that work, I think you guys are giving me that and I said I'm so sorry. And I said that's where it come from my parents because. They say you gotTa Graham. You know we'll talk about sometimes. You got a grant in August my son. This is a Christian. If. You want something in life. You gotta get up early to go get it. And if you apart is getting up at five or climb up at full. He gets up, at four. Three three two two. Don't go to sleep. because. Say. It's okay if you don't if you don't want to. It's okay you don't have to work for, but we're what you won't work in, did it go deep not going to give it to you. And if you give it to you, not deserve. You gotta work. While aren't industrial data forms my parents. Now here, you know my dad was the same way he you know. He was a mill guy. You're in Pittsburgh and you know..

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