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Is that why gory last lightly it's why we make a lot of money my donald trump is president that's why people get offended the people call into our show we complain about that that's why i i understand why people are offended when you read all jets lack of students sociation how they beating thursday to educate the community you know the game is over i wanted to be on i need to be educate politico ones meetings that sounds like blood laughs us let's go to denison attleboro hey dennis what's going on eric wanted good morning uh my daughter graduated from last year diallo in but you can't be surprising thing that happened at graduation de uh that gene now i calmed down at harto here touch hard on arc of our divert i well understand say sadegh debts i get newsfeed power at all the co not all most call just like that i have a book is called choosing the right college in its huge evaluates all most colleges on cultural political levels and it's amazing the stuff like for example middlebury college in their history it might not be the case anymore this puts about five years old didn't recognize the existence of israel they have a map of the middle east where israel does so crazy left wing new nettie tufts is one of the worst of suppresses out there all like this nitrates some 95 percent of them are like and the worst colleges for cultural political leanings are around here newark the northeast there the worst and i guarantee you wheaton's this is no different than most of the schools around here i think he could be of war they actually you know we're talking about the fact you've ever economic all booby yes eightyacht than bledsoe man i felt at wheaton it was there was filmed that we really have that i mean these are the member black like me the book is glidden is part of the curriculum how the argue see sowman remade and it goes days what about the the jungle move we were in the jungle lucky in phnom or wherever with robert traffic thunder truck thunder there is one hundred days but it's sort of.

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