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The offer the to which you and would you still entertain a week lead tv show or forward you for for not you know what technology did i could easily said i pavel a studio your how much i could you know go online and you know do a podcast third weekly certainly so much easier notes guy long term this pitchers let's take some calls here for a richard this hours one of my first yeah i'd love to be absolutely okay for went let's go to nancy in victoria texas high nancy around with richard bell's or go ahead well i won't question the right play again all right and and if you don't the bears leyland gets scary on the air and play for are the first guy laid and i want to know what she's very about that was just the woman was the kind of it with taken a picture no big deal their their their take a big deal this is the to distract people yeah one one it out of the worst good ladies just put out there to distract us i wouldn't can i wouldn't even i wouldn't even look it up some of the guy with the umbrella richard well there's good to believe and then he was signaling because the guy with him well you know we can to get anybody open the number closed it like it like a signal like to signal and then he said down on the curb with a witness panic looking guy everyone was this sitting there really calm way and one of them tickets like a league on this pocket so you know that kind of thing going to we can make of that what you will it's just another another piece to this so how many people involved it's good or international line as the french would say keep back in canada peters with us hey peter go ahead i love canada canada thanks for taking my call do urgent so and we he'd be quarters on one oh one of former.

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