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Lawmakers allege that the courses fed racial tensions by identifying quite as oppressors and latinos has the oppressed teachers and students sued saying that the program was not anti quite but rather focused on the cultural contributions of mexicanamericans which are often absent from traditional history courses calvi sanchez npr news north korean state media say kim jongun has ordered the production of more rocket engines and warheads n peers lease he reports he comes just as a trump administration signals tensions are easing between pyongyang and washington president donald trump that he believes north korean dictator kim jong un is starting to quote respect the us earlier tuesday secretary of state rex tillerson welcomed what he called north korea's restraint from provocations in recent weeks tillerson said further he hopes there is a pathway for dialogue north korea meanwhile reports kim ordered scientists to produce more rocket warhead tips and solid fuel rocket engines a photo released by north korea also suggests pyongyang is working on more advanced ballistic missiles in july north korea tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles that could in theory reach parts of the us mainland elise hugh npr news tokyo at last check on wall street the dow jones industrial average was down seventy two points at twenty one thousand eight hundred twenty seven s and p's down eight nasdaq is off 24 points this is npr news nigeria's ailing president who returned home over the weekend after three months of medical leave in britain has not presided over the weekly cabinet meeting it was cancelled and peers if ab quiz doctrine reports the president.

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