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From the bottom of the hour the latest on the opening sort of of the beaches locally we'll have that story for you at six thirty right now six twenty five traffic weather together every ten minutes on five brought to you by his water here is Jeff Beck's well we have a little bit of good news to start off this report couple of incidents that have wrapped up first of all the CHP just ran a break on the northbound four oh five at Howard Hughes parkway to remove that glass door that fell down on the right two lanes so you are clear there and then also that incident in Tarzan on the one on one westbound and received a that was a solo car spin out that was blocking the fast lane they were finally able to get that vehicle out of your way and off of the freeway so you're clear again on that west bound one a one not so in Anaheim hills ninety one westbound before gypsum canyon road this is an earlier three car crash in as a result the right two lanes are still block you backed up before Green River Road a couple of things going on your downtown one one north bound before the one ten you have a stole that car in the slow lane and then on the ten west bound at the five there is a small pickup truck in the fast lane around the beach on this early sat the evening a lot of traffic on PCH from Malibu to Santa Monica also a lot of cars on the road as you would expect in Huntington beach as well it is pure water infused with surprisingly true fruit flavors including watermelon blackberry and cherry no sugar no sweeteners no calories available in your local grocery store or at drinking dot com hit water with the true touch of true fruit flavored with more traffic reports for often I'm Jeff Biggs can extend seventy newsradio well let's look at the weather picture mostly clear tonight low clouds and fog in coming after midnight that they're gonna last for much of the morning otherwise clear tomorrow afternoon so bright sunshine throughout the day a little bit.

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