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Who cares about anything else. When you've got rick tittle on the radio. Thanks for that. And welcome back to the show and It's always great to catch up with our friend. Bruce marshall of the gold sheet and gold sheet dot com base in las vegas. And we'd take a look at the national hockey league bruce. The there was a moment. A couple days ago that just warmed my cockles wherever those are just made me realize why i love hockey so much and it wasn't it with my sharks. It was a game That was between the canucks and the leaves and it was the third period and Wayne simmons of toronto had boarded. Clint hughes pretty hard. And so jamie benn. The captain decide to stick up for them and they dropped the gloves and it was very businesslike workmanlike. They both dropped the gloves kind of rolled their sleeves a little bit and Basically than wayne simmons who they call the spider because of his reach got about eight free shots ben's face. It's almost like he took pity on of unem- bendon go down to his credit and they broke it up and they both guys simmons and bensaid nice job and it just once again first of all. Don't pick a fight with wayne simmons but the other thing is there's no other sport like that first of all it was a real fight with somebody getting punched and second of all. There was no bad blood afterward. It just it just makes me that moment. Just may be love hockey so much. Yeah.

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