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I'm excited we'll call back on the POD for his second appearance this week. Lee is an actor and director whose career on stage and screen has spanned more than forty years. He has more than one hundred and one. Imdb acting credits and counting in movies and TV shows from the seventies to the present day and onstage. He's garnered Obie and drama desk awards as well as a Tony Nomination Broadway Lee is a very charming and self effacing guy. On his first episode. We talked at length about his long journey through show business and he shared some wonderful anecdotes about so many of the people he's worked with over the years. It remains one of my very favorite episodes to date on the podcast. And if you haven't had a chance to listen to it please seek it out if you ask any actor worth their salt in New York or la about the cough. You'll get a variation of the joyous squeal you can hear on the Big Lebowski episode when my guests. Emily and Michael here that I'm going to be talking to Lee on the episode. You're listening to now. He's one of those people who's just beloved. He's a real artist he's warm. He's a wonderful human being. He knows what's good any remains open to surprises of life and show business so without further. Ado here's my conversation with. The Great Lee will cough about the Coen brothers. Fargo Lee welcome once again to be forecasting group. Podcast and thrilled. That you hear I know there are at least two other. Listeners are thrilled that you're here being furnace emily. My guests from last week's episode. Who as you'll hear your recording this a few days prior to their episodes being released but you will hear a squeal of delight coming from Emily Michael. When I mentioned that you coming on I love them. I meant emily at Wayne. Sound years ago long time ago and Michael was a huge fan and when I heard they were getting together at like perfect. Any other great ski right yet. We did almost to our deep deep dive into Lebowski filmed Michael's. He was dressed like the dude he had the sweater. He had the sunglasses a he had all the lines yet. It was great because Fargo came into the conversation a lot because rescue came out. Fargo had come out before Fargo was such a definitive filmgoing experience for me and it was so perfectly brilliantly everything that I wanted to be that almost any movie that they would have released subsequent to that not sure that I would have got and foregoing Lebowski Basque so different from each other. In the way that they're movies tend to be you can tell they wanted to move on and do something different astor Fargo which is so darkened. The Bile of America coughed up and presented to us in such brilliant fashion. Tell me a little bit about your experience seeing for a Coen brothers movies and if you remember seeing Fargo for the first time I don't remember the first time I saw but I I I watched it couple times over the weekend yesterday and is set. My probably seen this movie. Thirty Times I've seen most of their film several times. I I have not seen blood simple. Woo since it came out and I have that again. World is photo complainers. The fact is nothing comes with a guy and now I don't care if you pope wrong president United States man of the year. Something can all go wrong. Go AHEAD COMPLAIN. Tell your problems. Your your neighbor has for health watching them fly in Russia they got it mapped out so that everyone pulls for everyone else theory anyway. What I know about Texas down here. You're on your own. I just finished reading. I just finished the somewhat auto a memoir or autobiography Barry Sonnenfeld. I haven't started reading it. It's it's fun and I had no idea how to Robin Lopez. He so he's A. He is a valid Gas I mean. He acknowledges he Somebody said to him these the most neurotic person that they've ever met and so but he was not he was not the cinematographer on Fargo. Interestingly I think his final movie with them was at see there was the there was blood. Symbol he did raising Arizona. Rose Barton Barton. Fink was deacons. And everything. Post Barton Barton Fink Miller's crossing hudsucker proxy Fargo. That's all Roger Beacon all deacons continues to be continues to be. I believe yeah. Mary left because he started directing films. But I did. Read the birth of blood sample baked. They shot a couple of scenes in shopping around for a year to raise seven hundred fifty thousand dollars so I I didn't realize that he was not the DP on Fargo but makes it makes sense. The style stylistically things started to change. But I can't remember when I saw on sure I saw it opening weekend. I have no doubt. Yeah because I I love their films and it's a goal of mine and I haven't gone for several. I either love to work with them more than anybody more than anyone. You deserve that lay. I mean I said I said to Michael. He made it. He made a joke about the little lebowski would be about thirty years old now right that the dude has with Moslem Bosque. I said well Michael. This is perfect. And he's like I'm too old for that now I said you could. You could play that down but you and Michael both would be so perfect in the COEN brothers metaverse. There's no question I think so too but I have. You auditioned for them. In the past. I auditioned for a simple man. The part that Richard kind got that wonderful role. Big would not see me for true grit. You can do a Westerns. Totally do Westerns one hundred percent. I can build West. I've met them and every time I've met them. I put my slip in my mouth. I get so nervous around them and I know Fran a little outside of Bam. They first of all their body of work is With me it all starts with performances. Yes so the performances in Fargo. Yes down to. The smallest role are just just just perfect. Just brilliant and I think they used a few people I I went to the cast list yesterday on. Imdb was looking up with certain people small roles and some of them never worked. That was their only film. Like one of the the The smaller The smaller of the two girls that they had slept with the one that said he's funny looking looking at he wasn't circumcised. That was the only film she did but they they list such beautiful performances from everybody. But I don't think it's my. It's my favorite thing bill. Macy's ever done Bushehr me. His body of work is amazing in Fran and Wells a what's his name. I never seen him before. Peter Peter Star Mar. Yeah eater store Mar. I had never seen him before. I don't know if it was his first American film and I'm going. Who has this guy with? This accent is just horribly frightening guy. I just it's it's their moments of like slapstick. Like silliness and such darkness. I forgot to mention. I did summer. Stock in one thousand nine hundred seventy four with Fresno. Oh my God really in Horror Prisoner. The guy with the hair we did. He did Oklahoma because he was a big song and dance man right he was a storm in dance sky and then disappear. Yeah this was the first movie in twenty twenty years or something. I think he added as he had. A big career is a Broadway as a leading. The Ami wasn't a big star right and then. Who is this guy? Who's this bold law and then it's it's hard press. Mel Mandy excused their. I'm going on three going just McDonald's Beck at nine thirty. You just didn't finish going to McDonald's instead of finishing here Spencer Don do you think they do their they. Don't drink milkshakes I assure you the movie out. I'm sorry I can't remember. Ninety ninety seven onsite x I worked with him in one thousand nine hundred seventy four so that. Wow he must have had hair them full headed hair. I eighty was really a lovely guy very friendly meat. And then he's playing this role. WanNa go now and Oh my God. Was he a come? Tell me that no no not in real life in the movie in the movie okay. Real lighting was great. He was lost the Sky. The Collins saying that he was such a nice guy that it was hard in a ragged to be the Dick that they needed him to be on strayed. Will they got it out of him? And that's why I've always wanted to work with him. Going how do you what do you do to get these performances from these people in every film I mean admittedly not. All their films are like a maze or great. They missed times they miss but Berry rarely.

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