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WAY OVER THERE Yeah Yeah, we might have to. and then the wars these wars are stupid. They've wasted a lot of money and cost a lot of lives and we get nothing for them. He's he is damn. Sure right look. He's right about the wars thing and he's got at least a point on the other to whether or not you you agree with him. So those were his issues and I think that's now you could. You could modify it a little bit to be like his his issues are like. I the economy was doing great before Cova. Ed You know. It's it's that you know wasn't. There was the democratic governors, shut it down and now his issues would be more modified to be like against the kind of left wing. Socialists? Craziness. So I'm not with his disingenuous when I saw Biden going I see a lot of disingenuousness ingenuousness. All allow it go look. He's the only president history to have less jobs when he left office or you know after I joined the before and. You have. Come on there's a big massive thing. Well, Joe Biden said the other day. He said all of the Cova deaths are on. Donald Trump. That's crazy. Dude I mean come on even he was even if he handles wells Uruguay. There's no I mean this this is ripped through the entire fucking world's. To blame to blame a virus on Donald. Trump is is pretty insane I. Mean You could criticize his handling of it if you want to. Be. Specific. What do you think he didn't do that he should have done it makes me not want to believe you well, yes that's exactly right. It's a very politician thing to say but in in Joe Biden's defense I think Joe Biden is just saying what his handlers tell him to say on a lot of these issues but so so donald trump is going to and I think the best. Going into this campaign, the best issue that's been handed to him yeah is is the the riots and the violence is that he's going to say, look, this is what the left-wingers represent and against this. Our on today about about Kentucky.

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