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Between import teen in Washington. I do pretty slow travel. There's still but better do headed towards Livingston county Twenty-three, northbound CLYDE road that accident has been cleared. But traffic is still slow for all right around ninety six the forecast for tonight, mainly clear skies, the low dipping out of fifty five tomorrow mostly cloudy skies early. Then partly cloudy the afternoon with a high of eighty now sunshine, seventy eight degrees around metro Detroit. From the townhall dot com newsroom, the ruling by McComb county judge taking four veteran Warren city council resolved the mallet has been reversed late yesterday. The Michigan court of appeals overturned the decision. City council candidate counter birdie filed the lawsuit of may arguing council president seasonal saint-pierre and councilman Robert Bork amino Scott Stevens, and Stephen Warner can't run again to determine it's all four of served three four year terms, governor Whitman has been asking lawmakers for an alternative to her forty five cent per gallon gas tax hike proposal to come up with road repair money and the House, Republicans have unveiled some of their idea. They're looking at putting the six percent sales tax paid gasoline into roads while protecting the money currently goes from that to local governments in schools Republicans in the house, say that would put an extra five hundred forty two million dollars into wrote repairs while Whitmer and former Republican governor Rick Snyder say, over two billion a year is what's needed. We update traffic and weather four times. An our, I'm Scott, Bradley, on the patriot FM one, a one point five and AM, fourteen hundred every time I go to cruise hearing. I'm reminded of the first time I went and considering what they've done to better my life. It's hard to believe on nervous. I was on that first peak into the world of hearing correction since I talk.

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