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Center I'm Tony Bolger on aim the London hundreds of like right now thirty four yesterday I had a conversation with a dear friend Ernie Barnes from the national pork board and we were talking about the current situation what the future looks like how long until people go absolutely stir crazy and he shared the fact that his daughter is a nurse and that combined with the fact that term my whole family has been surrounded by nurses including my mother my aunts my aunt's multiple aunts I should say on every side of the family two sister in laws the number a daughter that that that's what she thinks she wants to pursue nursing is very close to our family and now today I thought on this Richard Fridays we often talk about the veterans to protect our freedom how about we give a shout out to those healthcare workers too ultimately today are putting themselves I shouldn't just say today that was a mis speak every single day a health care provider goes to work they put themselves in some level of risk let's give a shout out to all health care workers today first on our mind about certified Piedmontese opportunities the opportunity to be a part of a branded beef program is up close and personal and it's all about your decision go to the website long creek cattle co dot com to get more details about the certified.

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