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We've got 78 degrees and four o'clock afternoon. I'm Jeff McKinney. A grand jury has returned to three count indictment of a Louisville police officer. But none of the charges directly links the now fired officer to Priano Taylor's death, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron saying Based on the evidence, the officers who fatally shot Briana Taylor were justified in doing so because Taylor's boyfriend shot at them. Instead, former officer Brett Hankerson has been charged with three counts of first degree wanted endangerment for firing into the home, though none of those bullets hit Taylor Cameron, saying he knows it's not the outcome some wanted. We really want the truth. Or do we want a truth? It fits our narrative. He says that people react on emotion were outraged. There is no Justice Ryan Burrow ABC News, a legal analyst. An Abrams is not necessarily surprised at the outcome. But the police have the legal right to have been there even if it was a bad war. But if they have a legal right to be there there, then fired upon. It is tough sometimes to get an indictment. A citywide curfew starts tonight at nine o'clock in Louisville. There already have been some clashes between police and protesters. Some arrests where Blasio says 9000 City workers will have to be furloughed for five days, five days without pay because of Corona. But these people have been working nonstop for months trying to protect all of you and look out for the whole city. It's something very sad when the people work this hard Have to then sacrifice further, but that's what's called of all of us on called us to do. A deBlasio has already announced the furloughs of 500 Mayor's office staffers, including himself. CDC director Dr Robert Redfield is standing by his timeline that most Americans can be vaccinated by next summer. I think that's going to take us, April May June. You know, possibly July to get the entire American public completely vaccinated, But we will have the 700 million doses based on projection by late March early April, FDA Commission doctor Stephen Han saying today that no vaccine will be approved that officials wouldn't give to their own family's New Year's Eve in times where, like just about everything else in 2020 is going to be different this year. Organizers they do to Cova 19 event will have scaled back and socially distant elements. They had no matter where viewers are the same. Times Square on New Year's Eve ball will be seen digitally. January 1st 2021 is now 100 days away, and elements are still being worked out. Officials did say there would be an extremely limited group of in person honorees who will reflect the challenges of 2020 and Lisa G. W. O R D's Ruth Bader Ginsburg body lying in repose today and tomorrow at the Supreme Court, Peter Lehner of New York City among those viewing her casket more than many people could ever aspire to, I think.

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