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Eighty okay A. M. K. X. X. Y. FM ninety six point one two Oklahoma City governor Kevin Stitt says he is working on a plan to re open the state but he's reminding Oklahomans to continue being responsible I know that Oklahomans are frustrated ready to get life back to normal that's you know our plan is to do it safely for now he's extending his safer at home order from April thirtieth to may sixth for those considered most vulnerable to cover nineteen he also announced yesterday he's lifting the statewide ban on elective surgeries effective April twenty fourth state house Democrats have fired off a letter to governor Kevin stiff and make a bishop tells us what they want they want the governor to temporarily declared grocery store food retail and food processing workers as emergency personnel in response to the ongoing coved nineteen pandemic that means they would be eligible for two weeks paid leave free childcare and greater access to personal protective equipment house minority leader Emily virgin says our food supply chain is only as strong as the workers they keep it going she hopes the governor one viewed the request as opposition but rather as an idea to protect Oklahoma's most vital assets its people the number of people filing jobless claims nationwide is still in the millions the labor department says five point two million Americans filed first time claims for unemployment benefits last week in Oklahoma the number was nearly forty nine thousand to handle the huge increase Oklahoma employment security commission director robin Rovers and says the agency now has twelve hundred claims representatives manning a call centre and online chat feature she says the number of unemployed Oklahomans has topped two hundred thousand since mid March and the Ponca city woman accused of purposely coughing and sneezing at a police officer has been charged with terroristic hoax I'm Marco Moreno in other news and loops from the governor's office Jacquelyn Scott explains a news release from governor Kevin Spitz office said more than four hundred prisoners would be released today but the office now says that number is closer to one hundred state did sign more than four hundred fifty computations last.

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