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This allows a little bit warmer. We're looking at high around ninety five and if we reach that that will break the record high of ninety four now we did it yesterday. We hit ninety three in Denver, which broke the old record of ninety two. That was set back in nineteen fifty one tighter record on Monday Myer says we'll see this trend continue for the next several days. Opening statements expected this morning in connection with the death of a Colorado state trooper Cody Donohue was hit and killed along. I twenty five in November of two thousand sixteen no game. Ruis is facing criminally negligent homicide and other charges. Donahue's death led to the move for the Cody act, which is stiffen penalties for drivers not moving over for emergency vehicles. Colorado Senator Cory Gardner is making another push to treat Russia as a state sponsor of terror Senator Gardner is upset after learning from an NBC news report that Russia was apparently responsible for attacks against US. Personnel. And diplomats in Cuba and China Gardner is introduced two bills aimed at Russia. One would declare Russia. A state sponsor of terrorism. The other would increase economic political and diplomatic pressure on the government of ladder. Putin Jerry, bell KOA. Newsradio francis. Calling for a worldwide summit on clergy sexual abuse. The pope today some bishops from across the world to the Vatican. This February they're going to come to discuss how to stop clergy from sexually abusing children. The summit's believed to be the first of its kind. Some members of the clergy have been carrying out sexual abuse for decades and investigation in the US earlier this year over a thousand kids were abused by clergy in Pennsylvania over the course of decades. Apple's going to be announcing what's up and coming for its product line today. And it's fall event was CEO Tim cook and we're expecting new iphones watches and air pods. Every year this event gets far more attention than any other companies unveilings, but it's because so many of us use apple products. One estimate says one in six people globally uses an apple product. So. When apple announces new products, it impacts our lives. How many of your friends have iphones? Probably a lot bads ABC's. Alec stone. We could see as many as three new iphones today and take a bow Colorado. We know you can because you're the least obese state in the nation. That's the latest report from the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. It shows just over twenty two percent of us are considered obese in Colorado that seems a little high, but it's good enough for number one on the list the most obese state in the country. It's always West Virginia. They've got more than thirty eight percents obese people in their state while Colorado is trending lower the nation as a whole not faring. So well, the US has seven states over the thirty five percent Mark as recently as twenty twelve no state had a rate that high it's altitude. That's what it's gotta be thinner. Keep was thin. That's right. The second oxygen Williams jewelers, providing a listening.

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