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Dc elites of radio. Who's i turned it. These you wanna one three months two and a half to cover. Who i wanna. I want to go off script for a second and do the radio introduction contest. es d. set this out. I was not on the air that was getting in charge of the prize room. What's the introduction. Don't know okay all right. We will start with stephen hill doing an introduction. He's we let people know that. I have no idea with song about okay. We should we should set. Set the expectation. Here we go. Hi my name. Is david hill. You're listening to the best music. The world on quest love supreme. Yes you should this all about that last bag. Who that all. Yeah oh anyway. That was good. I knew that was coming to okay. Here we go. This is for you. Lie here we go. Hey club supreme. I'm here on your sunday afternoon. In a what better way to cruise the road with a little. Mary on your mind so no shit. Read light red eye sight state voice to.

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