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To like beat him up in macomb humble but they end up fighting to a standstill and falling in love and they become like war buddies and they fuck in love and they go fight monsters and stuffed it you'll gamez wow that's why it hasn't been made into a movie and it has a flood it has a flood myth that predates the biblical flood mit so it's very clear that the the flood of the bible is a matter of a retelling of slur earlier flood that would have happened regard seemed to think there was a big flat in in some area or maybe a series of there is yet such as like the mediterranean filled up or whatever as i like to say and then what i mean like what what story what feeling does that lead to but the the modern humans came out of the ice age in the ice the the the melting of the ice sheets during the ice age caused incredible global calamities it was a global warming events that melt the ice sheets so you had huge floods as the ice sheets retreated from europe and all around the globe half of asia and stuff in north america then the water of lakes filled up in the oceans got bigger than they were in the past and so on one hand suddenly there's more land for people to go found like try bingo or branch off from whatever cavemen were before that but then also there's these cataclysms where you're living down by some river and suddenly you're all drown your whole societies going very ecclesiastical yeah it's show ships going to happen good and bad and it was because of the mice and a global warming get to you you it's a layer kick joe take it to personally yeah yeah is just it's just the dow it's what things what's at its what's happening in a in a dinner do say that um w the best class ever took college was it was a senior and i took a introduction to religions of asia class a took like a onetoone class as a senior and it was the best glass ever took yes because it was i didn't know much about hindu and buddhism and um.

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