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Active weather across western washington for the next several days for him keep the showers increasing during the overnight hours overnight lows in the low 40s daytime highs tomorrow mild mid50s with increasing rain throughout the day morning commute should be a slow one and a high snow level put that together with a heavy rainy of blood possibilities across parts of western washington especially in the north sound over the next couple of days we'll watch that close of us snow level right back down on tuesday and wednesday with highs back to the upper 40s they a still of around thirty five hundred feet by the end of the work week in the komo weather center i'm theron zahn komo news komo news one thousand fm ninety seven seven from abc news this week here now cohen edgar martha raddatz now let's turn back to the muller investigation and bring in kent star who served as the independent counsel who investigated bill clinton and abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams i wanna start with you mr start do these revelations make an obstruction of justice charge more likely i don't think so the president has every and senator graham said it very well he can of fire jim colmey or he can ask for moller to be fired for any reason i have a different view in terms of what would constitute obstruction of justice the president's power is extremely broad as long as designing gagen discrimination or accepting bribes and the like i have a very different perspective in a much more robust view presidential power than many of the folks who.

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